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   Chapter 1777 Revisit The Sightseeing Places

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"Leila, why do you think so poorly of yourself? You are more capable than any other woman I know. If anyone deserves my son, it's you."

Melissa waved her hand happily and gestured for Leila to come closer. She then continued to praise Leila.

As they were talking, they both looked at Charles, who had a blank look on his face. He was focused on his meal.

Leila felt embarrassed and smiled at Melissa. "Aunt Melissa, you know what is best."

Melissa understood what Leila meant and smiled knowingly as she looked at her.

Leila wasn't really in the mood, but she still put on a smile for Melissa. Even though she didn't say anything, her eyes gave her away.

While they were having dinner, Melissa purposely coughed a lot. At the start, Charles didn't pay much attention to it. However, when the coughing had worsened, he started to worry. He put down his eating utensils and looked at his mother with concern. "Mother, what's wrong with you? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I just ate too fast. We have to hurry up. I need to get my stuff ready after dinner." Melissa looked at Charles, and her face was pale.

She seemed to be in pain. Charles couldn't help but worry. Suddenly, Leila stood up and approached Melissa, rubbing her back. "Aunt Melissa, take your time. Just eat. I'm already done. I can prepare your stuff for you."

Melissa raised her head and glanced at Leila in relief. Leila was so considerate. She grabbed her hand to thank her. "Thanks so much, Leila. This is a big help."

"Aunt Melissa, you're always welcome." After that, Leila went upstairs.

Melissa turned to Charles when she was sure that Leila was already in her bedroom. However, she noticed that Charles didn't care or even seem to notice what had just happened.

She coughed as she said, "Leila's such a nice girl. Charles, did you ever think about asking her out? You're just wasting your time with Sheryl. It's a dead end, honey. Just let it go."

"Mother, can we tal

y believed it was going to work. Soon, Charles would be hers.

The next day

Early in the morning, Nancy prepared breakfast for Charles and Melissa, because they were heading to the airport. They were in a hurry.

Leila had nothing to do, but she got up early too. When they had finished their breakfast, she insisted on coming along with Charles and Melissa to the airport, so she could see them off.

Even though Charles thought it was unnecessary, Melissa insisted, so he had no choice but to give in.

As they drove to the airport, Melissa and Leila happily chatted with each other.

Meanwhile, Charles was busy giving David orders. A lot was going on at work, and he was going to be away for a week. He couldn't help but worry.

When they arrived at the airport, Charles was unpacking his things. He turned to look at Melissa, only to find her looking a bit unwell. He asked in concern, "Mother, are you okay? How are you feeling?"

Melissa smiled weakly as she responded, "No, I'm fine. I'm only a bit emotional because we're going to revisit the sightseeing places in Malaysia. Don't mind me; I just didn't sleep well last night."

"Really?" Charles asked doubtfully since he knew Melissa wasn't an emotional person at all.

"Yeah, that's all there is to it," Melissa said defensively.

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