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   Chapter 1775 Leila's Identity

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The next morning greeted Dream Garden with a bright sunshine.

After preparing for work, Leila happily went downstairs looking for Charles, only to find that he had already left.

Leila almost couldn't keep her joyful expression, knowing that she just helped Charles yesterday, but now he had already forgotten about it. He didn't even wait for her, so they could drive to the company together. It meant to say that he didn't care about her as much as she expected.

"Leila, don't feel bad," Melissa tried to console her. "He left very early. He was initially going to ask you, but I told him to let you get some more sleep." Since Melissa had been through the experience, she knew how Leila felt. She tried her best to explain to her thoughtfully, hoping she would not blame Charles.

Of course, Charles didn't try to check on Leila. Not wanting Leila to feel bad, Melissa had to make up a white lie.

"Aunt Melissa, I've got it. Thank you." Feeling embarrassed, Leila's displeased expression immediately disappeared after she heard Melissa's explanation.

Meanwhile, at the Shining Company, David was on his way to Charles' office. Sweat was dripping from his forehead. He slightly pulled his polo collar to the side, hoping the gap would allow air to come in and help him cool down.

David didn't expect Charles to come in so early. He was supposed to have had his breakfast at home, but his phone started ringing while he was deciding on what he would have. Seeing Charles' name on the caller ID, he immediately picked it up and confirmed that he was on his way. David ended up skipping breakfast and went straight to the company.

Standing in front of Charles' office, he took a deep breath before raising his fist. Knock! Knock!

"Come in."

"What can I do for you, President. Lu?" David asked, catching his breath.

"What's wrong?" Charles asked with concern. Seeing David breathing heavily, he knew that David must have run over to the office.

"President Lu, didn't you say it's an emergency?"

Looking at Charles' doubtful expression, David started to wonder if it was indeed Charles who called him earlier today. He was pretty sure he spoke with Charles a while ago. So why did it seem that Charles was surprised to see him rushing in?

Feeling embarrassed since David had misunderstood his phone call, Charles smiled and replied, "Actually, it's not an emergency. I just wanted to know my immediate schedule."


David asked loudly, shocked. He didn't expect that the reason why Charles a

ee, would threaten her.

Leila couldn't figure out the reason. But she believed that every human being had a weakness. For sure, David was not an exception. Leila couldn't help but smile just thinking about it. When the time came that she discovered what David's weakness was, he would fall under her feet.

Meanwhile, at the Dream Garden, Charles stepped out of his car after Leila got out of the passenger seat.

He had gone home directly, together with Leila, after he finished today's work. Melissa didn't look at all well yesterday, so he wanted to spend more time with her today.

Leila, being smart enough, seemed to realize that Charles wanted to have time alone with his mother, so she went to help Nancy with dinner preparations.

"Leila, since you're a guest, I don't think it's appropriate for you to be in the kitchen preparing dinner." Nancy was busy cooking the soup when Leila came in. Even though she was displeased to see her, Nancy tried her best to control herself and be polite.

"Nancy, I'm not a guest. I'm now Charles' woman. Why do you think it's inappropriate for me to make dinner?"

Leila had been treating Nancy as her eyesore at home. With Nancy questioning her identity on purpose, why would she not retort?

Not expecting Leila's response, Nancy was shocked and lost for words. She continued stirring the soup, her eyes watching Leila.

As the saying goes, "A person needs a face like a tree needs its bark." Nancy couldn't understand how Leila could so easily say such words. 'How could she be so shameless? Sheryl and Charles haven't even divorced yet. And this woman already can't wait to say that she is Charles' woman!' Nancy thought.

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