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   Chapter 1772 Another Accident

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"Father, I know you only want what's best for me, but what I want is to be with Holley. I don't care about her past. That doesn't matter to me because I love her. Why can't you accept that? I believe everyone has a good heart. Holley has been nothing but nice to me. You may not fully understand what I see in her, but you can't say that she hasn't been good to me. We love each other very much. I don't understand why you're so against us."

Black honestly didn't understand why Rex hated Holley so much. Where was it coming from? Was it just because of her past?

"What's past is past. I don't judge people based on their past, but some people are bad to the core. A woman like Holley's only going to end up killing you."

Rex had seen a lot and had been through a lot. He knew enough to see through a woman like Holley. He knew for a fact that Holley wasn't a good person. She was only going to cause trouble. A woman like her was only going to end up taking Black's life.

As Rex thought of all this, he became even more sure about what he had previously assumed of Holley.

"Father, I don't believe for a second that Holley could hurt me. She wouldn't feel threatened if she intended to kill me in the first place. In my whole life, I've never asked for anything. I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist that I have this one thing, the only thing that I've asked for in my entire life," Black said firmly as he looked his father in the eye.

He had said his piece to get Rex to agree to his marriage. He wholeheartedly believed that Holley was a good person. She was good to him, and she was in no way a terrible person.

Rex was furious.

He'd asked Black before to manage the company, but he didn't end up doing a sincere job. Now, Black was even willing to defy him over a woman.

It could only be assumed how capable a woman Holley was. Rex would never let her in the Hu Family, no matter how much Black in

too good to me."

Much to Melissa's delight, Leila merrily shook her arm.

"Well, you're good to me too. That's why I do the same for you. I am so lucky to have met you. Someone as insignificant as Sheryl can't keep us apart. Don't worry. I'm on your side. As long as everything goes as planned, you'll be my daughter-in-law one day."

Melissa's excitement increased as she spoke. She looked at Leila with assurance.

Leila nodded tearfully. She lowered her head to wipe her eyes before responding, "Thank you so much, Aunt Melissa. You have no idea how much this means to me."

Melissa knew how moved Leila was as she watched her tear up. Then she said, "All right, stop crying now. You need to get to work."

"All right, I'm leaving, Aunt Melissa. Take care."

Leila stood up and politely excused herself before heading to work.

In Shining Company

As soon as Charles arrived at his office, David knocked on the door and entered.

David didn't look well, and Charles saw the hesitation on his face as soon as he came in. He frowned. "All right, what's the problem? Tell me."

"Mr. Lu, all of our confidential files for one of our projects were leaked online. All of our internal information is all over the internet. People are asking for compensation and..."

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