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   Chapter 1771 Have You Thought It Through

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The next day at the Tarsan Corporation

Everyone knew that Holley was in a terrible mood. Just a couple of days ago, she had fired a clerk who happened to cross her. Now all the employees were on their toes, afraid that the same thing would happen to them.

Holley noticed this of course and if anything, it annoyed her even more.

The secretary was just handing her a document, and she forcefully threw it aside and asked the secretary to leave.

She was going through a lot. Rex's guards were always surrounding the building to keep an eye on her. Sooner or later, they were going to find out that she wasn't really pregnant.

Her heart started to race at the mere thought of it. She forced herself to focus on work, so she wouldn't think about it anymore.

Holley heaved a small sigh when she had calmed down a bit. She knew that she had been stretching herself too thin these days. However, there was nothing else she could do. If she couldn't meet up with Black, she wouldn't be able to get pregnant for real, and Rex would find out she was lying. Then it would all be over for her.

The only option she had left was to negotiate with Rex. After much hesitation, she finally decided to do it.

Rex just went down to the main lobby.

Black wasn't willing to give in, no matter what, and this broke his heart.

The call happened to come when Rex wasn't exactly in the best mood.

"Holley, just because you're having Black's baby doesn't mean you can do whatever the hell you want. Who told you that you could call me?" Rex roared.

Holley didn't expect Rex to be that angry. Stunned, she was unsure how to respond, so she stayed quiet for a good minute.

Rex expected Holley to say something at least, but only heard silence through the phone. He grew even angrier. Gritting his teeth, he yelled, "Well? Say something! Are you dumb?"

"I… I want to see Black

e threatened. No one ever threatens me!'

Soon, Rex headed upstairs. He still had a dark look on his face. This time, he didn't go inside Black's room. Instead, he just stood quietly by the door and peeked into the room.

Black knew his father and how decisive he was. As much as he tried to figure a way out, he just couldn't think of anything.

It was as if Rex had decided that keeping him and Holley apart was his life's mission. Black was distressed as he thought about this.

'No! I can't give up on her!' Black thought to himself.

He turned his eyes to the balcony, but the balcony was locked. It was impossible for him to break out of the room.

Suddenly, he felt as if someone was watching him. He turned, only to find Rex's back as he was about to go downstairs. At that moment, Black thought of how old his father was already.

Black knew then that what Rex was doing wasn't what he had wanted, but what Rex believed to be the best for him.

"Dad..." Black felt somewhat touched. Before he knew it, he was calling out to his father.

Rex didn't expect that Black would talk to him. He had assumed Black was lost in his own thoughts.

"Have you thought it through?" Rex still wore a cold look, his face void of any emotions.

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