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   Chapter 1770 Admire

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"Aunt Melissa, Charles still doesn't want to be with me. What should I do?" Leila said tearfully.

Melissa hadn't thought that things would turn out this way. She had carefully laid out her plan and executed it so that Charles and Leila would grow closer, but why did the opposite seem to be happening instead?

"Leila, what on earth happened? Just tell me. It's okay," Melissa anxiously asked.

For a few moments, Leila was silent before finally deciding to tell Melissa everything.

Upon hearing the story, Melissa grew angry. "Are you saying that Sheryl's assistant took your gift for me?"

"Yeah, it was a limited edition. They only had a few pieces around the world, and I finally found it for you. Phoebe took it, and Charles let her because of Sheryl. It's my fault, though. If I had gotten Charles to fall in love with me, then he'd already have forgotten Sheryl," Leila said, her voice riddled with guilt.

Melissa rolled her eyes at the mention of Sheryl. She pounded on the table with her fists with a murderous look on her face. "I have to take Sheryl down; or, Charles and I will never live in peace."

"Aunt Melissa, I know but it seems as if we have no choice. Charles just can't let her go. What can we do? I'm so disappointed in myself. I wasn't able to win Charles' love. That's why I've decided that I can't stay here anymore. Listen to me, Aunt Melissa, you have to look after yourself when I leave, okay?"

Leila said desperately as tears streamed down her face.

"Leila, what's wrong with you? Why do you want to leave?" Melissa knew that Leila was heartbroken. Otherwise, she wouldn't volunteer to leave just like that. Melissa nervously grabbed her hand.

"Aunt Melissa, I'm fi

a had a baby with Charles, so she could have a grandchild that she could get close to.

"Leila, come on. I need you to get pregnant with Charles' baby. Please?" Melissa looked at Leila, smiling.

Leila lowered her head shyly upon hearing this.

"What? Don't be shy. I'm waiting," Melissa said seriously. When she saw the look on Leila's face, she couldn't help but chuckle.

Leila nodded. Then they went upstairs to continue their conversation.

Nancy watched everything from the kitchen, a scowl on her face.

When Melissa and Leila were talking in the living room, they were speaking so loudly that Nancy could hear everything from the kitchen. As she watched the two of them head upstairs, she couldn't help but sigh and shake her head in disapproval.

'Sher, can't you just get back together with Charles already?'

Nancy could do nothing. She felt upset at the thought of Charles and Sheryl being purposely separated by Leila and Melissa.

Finally, she shook off these thoughts so she could focus on cleaning the kitchen.

Melissa and Leila continued to chat until they finally decided to call it a night at around 10.

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