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   Chapter 1768 Mocking

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At this moment, Leila was extremely nervous. Deep down, she was worried that Charles would reject her once again. After gathering some courage, she had made up her mind to voice her desire. Also, she realized that she couldn't always let her fear stop her.

Charles was dealing with some paperwork. When he heard what Leila said, he knitted his eyebrows slightly. After a while, he replied, "I've got it. You can go first. I'll go there later."

"Char... Mr. Lu, let's go together. I want to buy a present for Aunt Melissa. After all, I've noticed that she's looking a lot happier for the first time in a long while. Don't disappoint her," Leila said in an aggressive tone.

Irritated by Holley, Leila was anxious to achieve quick success today. She wanted to stay with Charles. She wouldn't let him go, no matter what.

A trace of irritation crossed Charles' eyes. He put the pen down and said coldly, "Okay. We will do that, but wait for me outside."

"Okay then!" Leila smiled when she heard that Charles had finally agreed. She cast a gentle look at Charles before she walked out of the office.

Outside, she patiently waited for him. It took him several minutes to wrap up his work. When she saw Charles push the door open, she immediately went to meet him.

"You must be tired," Leila greeted him, making her voice seductively soft.

Charles didn't utter a word. He merely nodded his head and walked to the elevator.

His actions made Leila a little unhappy. But she forced herself to hide her unhappiness. Feigning a smile, she followed him into the elevator.

The rest of the employees had already gotten off work. Only Leila and Charles were left in the elevator. So, Leila used this opportunity to act recklessly.

While Charles was immersed in his thoughts, she took this opportunity to pull his arm. "Charles, I'm going to buy Aunt Melissa some clothes. How about something from the latest collection of Channel? It's the global limited edition and can only be bought in the boutique that is located in the West City. I've told the sales..."

Charles suddenly turned to look at Leila, his eyes full of displeasure.

Leila suddenly realized that he had become displeased, so she let go of his arm. With an embarrassed smile, she asked, "Charles

y, she turned to Charles and cheerfully asked, "Charles, this is what I was talking about! How is it?"

Charles slightly lifted his eyes to look at the coat and nodded his head. Nothing could induce him to look happy. His cold expression remained fixed.

Right at this moment, Phoebe and Sean walked up from the cash register. Phoebe's eyes brightened when she saw the coat in Leila's hands.

In fact, Phoebe had already taken a fancy to this coat and came to buy it. After she paid, she went back to take the coat. But she didn't expect that Leila had similar intentions.

When Phoebe thought about the things that Leila had done to Sheryl, a look of displeasure crossed her face. She quickened her pace and pulled the coat from Leila's hands.

Leila never anticipated that someone would suddenly take the coat from her. Feeling muddled, she looked around to see who this person was. But before she could snatch it back, the coat was already taken away by Phoebe.

Lifting her lips into a disdainful smile, Leila said to Phoebe, "What happened to the Cloud Advertising Company? Don't they pay you enough to afford a coat? It is so unfortunate that you have to go around stealing things!"

Leila obviously knew Phoebe. When she saw her, she instantly thought of Sheryl. So, she couldn't help mocking her.

"I've paid for the coat. It is mine!" Phoebe said, looking furious.

Her eyes suddenly looked at Charles. Her fury intensified when she realized Charles was hanging out with this wretched woman.

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