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   Chapter 1766 She Was Pregnant

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"Dad…" Black called. He grew emotional as he watched the back of his own father, slowly walking away from him.

Rex, however, didn't seem to hear his son's pleas. He turned and headed downstairs.

During the past few days, Rex had become softhearted and had been thinking about changing his mind. He thought it might be a good decision to let Black see Holley again. Although Rex didn't like Holley, Holley was pregnant with Black's child. Rex was going to have a grandchild.

But what happened today made Rex even more sure of his original decision. No matter what happened, he would never let his son see that woman again.

After Rex left, Black fell on the ground, lowered his head, utterly frustrated and depressed.

Black had made up his mind. He decided not to give in to his Dad this time. It was time for him to decide for himself. It was his life, and no one had a say in it except himself. He would fight with Rex. Otherwise, he could never be with Holley.

In the company

Holley just drove from her house to the company. She'd woken up in a bad mood.

"Are you blind? Watch where you're going!"

An employee bumped into Holley by accident. Holley slapped him in the face, which shocked him.

"Sorry, Manager Ye. I didn't mean to do that. I'm really sorry!" The employee felt like his face was burning. He covered his face with one of his hands, nursing the pain. He apologized to Holley, hoping that she would calm down.

"Which department do you work for? You're fired! Pack your stuff and get the hell out! I don't want to see your face again."

Holley pointed her finger to the door.

The employee shook his head and left in frustration.

However, yelling at someone didn't make Holley feel any better. Instead, she seemed to get even more annoyed.

At that moment, her phone rang. Holley impatiently answered the call.


"Wow, Manager Ye, you sound angry."

Holley was too angry to look at the caller ID before she answered the call. She was surpris

er work. After all, things weren't going very smoothly in the company of late. Charles had a lot to work on, and, as his secretary, Leila was very busy too.

In the Tarsan Corporation

After she hung up on Leila, Holley leaned back in her leather chair. She was exhausted.

However, a smile broke on her face.

She knew for a fact that Leila was jealous of her. She was able to get what Leila wanted. She had only befriended Leila so she could use her.

'Leila, you think you and I are on the same level? You can't even make Charles fall in love with you, but you show off to me all the time. I'd love to see if you're finally going to get to marry Charles, '

Holley thought to herself. She felt much better after talking to Leila.

However, this good mood wouldn't last very long.

Ferry was nowhere to be found during the past few days, so Holley had thought he would just leave her alone. But she was wrong.

Holley knew Ferry's phone number by heart. So when she saw that number on her screen, she felt her heart skip a beat. She couldn't even catch her breath.

Her phone rang and rang. Shaking her head, Holley picked up the call.

"Holley, I see you've learned a lot from me. You know how to protect yourself now," Ferry teased Holley.

Holley was confused. She didn't know what Ferry was talking about.

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