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   Chapter 1765 I Want To See Her

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Doctor Liu's reluctance was in stark contrast with Holley's excitement. She eagerly nodded her head, held the doctor's hands in hers, and exclaimed, "Thank you, Dr. Liu! Thank you so much!"

After sighing heavily, Dr. Liu began preparing two medical certificates—one with the actual results of Holley's check-up and one with falsified information. Satisfied, Holley walked out of the doctor's office.

Outside the door, the guards had been waiting anxiously. The moment Holley stepped out into the corridor, they went over to her. "How was it?" they asked, demanding to know what the doctor had said.

"I don't know yet. I have to wait for the results of the test to come out," Holley responded, her voice not betraying her emotions.

Holley gingerly sat down on one of the chairs along the corridor. The guards waited along with her. Half an hour later, the receptionist called her back into the office. Her results were out. She went back into the room and was handed two certificates without the guards knowing.

She left her legitimate medical certificate with Doctor Liu. When she went back out, she held only one piece of paper—her fake certificate.

"How was it?" the guards asked again, this time looking more impatient.

"Take a look for yourself,"

Holley answered as she handed the document to the guards. Then she coolly looked away, careful not to reveal her discomfort.

Because of Holley's unreadable demeanor, the guards had no idea what the results were. Before they read the document with their own eyes, none of them could even guess what they were about to see. They looked at one another, and one guard took it upon himself to unfold the piece of paper.

After inspecting the document, the guards quietly nodded among themselves and called Rex.

In the Hu's residence, Rex was anxiously pacing back and forth. When the phone finally rang, he stopped in his tracks and darted to where the phone was.

"How was it?"

"Sir, it's true! Holley is pregnant!"

The guard who called had known that Rex was hoping for a grandchild. Naturally, he was unable to keep his voice low.

"Really? Are you sure? Is this a hundred percent certain?" Rex asked in disbelief.

After hearing confirmation from the guards, he sighed deeply. 'Finally, the Hu's blood shall live on!' he thought. Still holding the phone, he made his way toward the staircase.

He had to tell Black the exciting news. However

ou trying to starve yourself to death?" Rex yelled as he pointed at him.

Black lay on the bed like a man who had lost his soul. He looked like a husk, and his face was sullen. He didn't turn to look at his father. As the latter spoke, Black's eyes remained fixed on the ceiling.

Rex was infuriated by Black's indifference. "Don't just lie there. Say something!" he thundered.

"Let me see Holley. If not, I'll perish right before your eyes," Black mumbled as he turned his head toward Rex. His eyes were dull and lifeless.

Rex shook his head, disappointed. "You're willing to lay your life down for that woman?"

"I'm your son, aren't I? Why can't you let your son make his own decisions? Don't I have a choice in this?"

Black looked in Rex's direction as he spoke, but his eyes wouldn't focus. He felt like he was dreaming. While he was in a conversation with his father, he was thinking of Holley the entire time.

"How can I allow you to stay with a woman who did nothing but suck the life out of you?"

Rex roared.

Black hadn't expected this reaction. Suddenly, something occurred to him. He mustered all the strength he had left to sit up. Then, he said softly, "Dad, are you up to something? Are you trying to harm Holley?"

"What am I supposed to do?" Rex yelled. He threw his hands up, signaling that he had given up and that this conversation was over. Then, he made his way out, leaving Black alone.

"Dad, tell me. What are you planning to do?"

Frightened, Black pushed himself up and off of his bed. He tried to follow his father out, but now the guards had come and kept him in.

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