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   Chapter 1763 Make Up A Lie

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Soon Holley was forced into a villa by the men dressed in black. She had never been to this place before. Hence, she had no idea as to who it belonged to. Given the current situation, she didn't dare to ask either.

These men were rude and cruel in the way they treated her. They pushed her forward harshly, without showing the slightest mercy. Holley felt like her bones were going to break.

In spite of it, she was compelled to tolerate them.

Soon they arrived at the villa, and these men began to push her into the building. Once she had regained her balance, her eyes scanned her surroundings. Her gaze finally fell on Rex, who was watching her with an amused smile.

'So my suspicion is true. It is indeed Rex who is behind this, ' Holley thought. Deep down, she had already known that Rex was the most probable suspect who would kidnap her. It turned out that her speculation was right.

Since she already knew who the kidnapper was, Holley didn't waste any time during the trip. She was prepared for the upcoming disaster. To deal with Rex, her mind had come up with a stalling tactic. However, she didn't know whether it would work or not.

As soon as Holley saw Rex, she knelt down on the floor and crawled to him on both her arms and legs.

She pulled at his trousers and said, "Uncle Rex, I'm so glad to see you. Next time if you want to see me, just give me a call. I don't want to bother your men. I know why you brought me here. It's all my fault! I'm sincerely sorry. Would you be kind enough to forgive me?" Holley looked at Rex with her pleading eyes.

Rex creased his eyebrows and kicked Holley away. He pointed at her and snapped, "Holley, I know you don't love my son at all. When it is so evident, why do you keep seducing him? What's the point of putting him into trouble?"

"Uncle Rex, you are misunderstanding me. I really love Black, and I have no intention of hurting him..." Holley wept as soon as she heard Rex's accusation.

However, Rex seemed unmoved. Instead, he flared up and spat his words at her, "How dare you say that you love him? If you really love him, you wouldn't dare use him like a piece of waste! So tell me, why did you want to use him to fight against Ferry?"

Rex couldn't bear to see Black in danger. He knew this

olley away as soon as possible.

"I'm pregnant!" Holly screamed, trying to catch Rex's attention. Her words were almost inaudible since it came from her trembling lips.

The hatchet men didn't pay any attention to her. They kept forcing her out of the house. Both scared and anxious, Holley screamed aloud, "Let go of me! I am carrying Black's child! You can't do this to me!"

"Stop!" Rex roared as soon as he heard Holley.

His men removed their hands from Holley immediately.

As soon as Holley was set free, she looked at Rex, horror-stricken.

Rex was indeed shocked. He stared at Holley intently, unable to say a word.

Nobody knew how badly he had wanted a grandson. For years, Black had been hell-bent on philandering with different women. Even though he had so many girlfriends, he didn't want to settle down with any of them.

Rex had been heartbroken when Black had confessed his disinterest in having a child of his own. However, Rex hadn't expected that Holley was pregnant right now.

"Holley, I won't spare you if you are lying to me," Rex threatened, for he didn't truly believe her.

Holley breathed a sigh of relief since she was set free.

She had no choice but to continue feeding Rex with this lie. No matter what, she had to be pretty adamant about making him believe it was the truth.

"I am not lying! I intended to marry Black from the very beginning. Uncle Rex, for once, why don't you try trusting me?" Holley promised resolutely as she went to Rex and grabbed his arm.

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