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   Chapter 1762 Holley Is Caught Under Duress

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"Just get straight to the point. You don't need to pretend in front of me," Leila firmly said to Holley.

Holley could tell that Leila wasn't going to be up for her plan so she just laughed and said, "I just wanted to ask you what's going on between you and Charles."

Charles was Leila's weakness. Just a mention of his name and it was easy to hook Leila on. Holley was smart enough to use that.

"I don't think that's any of your business."

This reminded Leila of Charles. Soon, her face looked gloomy, and her voice had lowered.

"You have to stop chasing a man who doesn't even love you."

Leila felt her heart twist in pain upon hearing this.

"Holley Ye, are you looking for trouble?" Leila snapped.

"We're sisters. I just don't want to see you losing both your money and your efforts when this all comes crashing down," Holley said seriously.

It was very cunning of Holley to use the sister card. If Leila didn't know what kind of person Holley was, she would've fallen for her trap.

"Oh, really? If you're my sister then what do you really think?" Leila asked, pretending to agree with Holley.

Holley was pretty obvious. Leila could tell that Holley would get upset if all her efforts were put to waste.

"If you don't end up with Charles, at the very least, you should have your own money so you can protect yourself. I have an idea that could get you more money or maybe, you could even end up owning the Shining Company. Are you interested?" Holley proposed.

Shining Company?

Leila got excited. She'd wanted Shining Company from the start. At first, she just wanted to be married to its president, but if she could own it, then that would even be better.

"All right, Holley, tell me about your plan," Leila replied softly. She'd become visibly more relaxed.

Holley knew that she already had Leila as long as she talked about money.

"Since you're Charles' secretary, you have access to all

had persuaded Leila to get in on her plan, which could eventually lead to destroying the Shining Company. She needed to tell Ferry that.

As soon as Holley took out her cell phone, she heard the door being kicked open. She wasn't even able to dial. She trembled in fear as she looked at the door. This time, she was alert.

A group of people in black suddenly barged inside Holley's house.

Holley got on her feet, looking at them. Her face was pale and she looked terrified. "Who... Who are you? What do you want?"

The intruders were also wearing headgear as if to protect their identities. It looked like they wanted to kidnap her. How could she keep calm?

"Cut the crap. Just behave yourself and come with us. If you do, we'll stay away from your face. Otherwise, you can't blame us for what we do to you," the person in front said coldly as he pointed at Holley.

Even though the headgear that the intruders were wearing was covering half their faces, Holley was still terrified to look at them. If she didn't do what they said, they could hurt her.

"Okay, okay, I'm coming with you," Holley said in a low voice out of fear.

The intruders saw that Holley wasn't going to put up a fight, so they didn't hurt her. They just roughly pushed her to follow them downstairs.

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