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   Chapter 1760 Ferry’s Disdain For Holley.

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"Ha-ha-ha, Mr. Hu. I was just kidding. Truly, I know you have nothing to do with this. It was all my fault. One of my men betrayed me. I should have been more vigilant with him. I had put too much trust in him. As a result, you and I are both suffering. How can I blame you?" Ferry said with a smile.

"Well, I am happy you have realized that…"

Rex hung up the phone, after exchanging a few pleasantries with Ferry.

After the phone call ended, Ferry gestured for his staff to come in. He glared at them and demanded, "Have you located Jason's whereabouts?"

"Well, boss…we are still looking for him," the man heading the group stammered as he replied. Unable to look straight into Ferry's eyes, he dropped his head, trying to control his trembling voice.

He knew how eagerly Ferry was trying to find Jason. He had designated this man and several others of his staff to look for him. They had been combing the city across its length and breadth but in vain. They could not find a single clue that could lead them to Jason. There was no trace of Jason anywhere.

"Get out of here! I don't want to see your face until and unless you find Jason for me! Even better, don't bother to come back!"

Ferry burst out. He turned his back toward his staff and looked in another direction. All the politeness that he showed while talking to Rex had disappeared. Seething in rage, Ferry banged his phone on the ground. "Thud!!!" The medal-shell device scattered apart into pieces.

The sound of the mobile shattering into pieces made all his staff shiver in fear. There was pin-drop silence in the room. Everyone was waiting for Ferry's next move with bated breath.

After Ferry was a little pacified, he turned towards his men again. And he yelled once again, making a distorted face that revealed his disgust towards them. He shouted, "Why are you still standing there? What are you waiting for? Get your asses into action! Do you want me to tell you how to do your job?"

"No, Boss! We are leaving right away! We will get the job done as soon as possible!" All of the staff stumbled out of the door as they tried to leave in a hurry. None of them wanted to stay there and face Ferry's rage.

Ferry was determined to find Jason no matter what. He was ready to go to any extent, pay any price he would have to, just to find Jason. He was firm in his resolution. Even if Jason was dead, he needed to find his corpse.

Ferry had zero tolerance for betrayal. Hence, he wouldn't let Jason get away with it easily.

Before Jason worked for Ferry, he had been nothing but a lost soul. Ferry had picked him up from the streets and trained him to be capable enough to become his henchman. The last thing Ferry had expected from Jason was that he would turn his back on Ferry. What added fuel to the fire was when Ferry thought of the resources and time he had invested in Jason. Once again, Ferry lost his cool and banged his hand down on the table.

Rex could see through Ferry's fake courtesy.

He knew Ferry was arrogant. Unfortunately for Ferry, this time, he failed in his judgment and was betrayed by his own man. Rex would keep this in mind. And one day, it could become the derision he would use to humiliate Ferry.

Rex detested such associations and would always stay

said, "Come to my villa. We will talk about it." Then he hung up the phone.

Holley heaved a sigh of relief at hearing the positive response from Ferry. She sprang up like a child who had just been relieved of a punishment. She quickly prepared herself and then left for Ferry's house.

She zapped and zoomed through the traffic as fast as she could to shorten the time of an otherwise two-hour' drive. Upon reaching Ferry's villa, she got out of her car and rushed toward Ferry's villa in one breath.

Ferry was indeed startled to find Holley arrive so soon. Lying idly on the sofa, he gave her a casual glance, as he watched her enter. Ignoring her breathless state, Ferry teased, "Well? What is this? I know you are worried about Jason. Even if he is still missing, you don't have to be so anxious. Look at you. Take a breath and settle down! I won't let him remain missing for too long. After all, Jason is your husband-to-be. So for your happiness, I will do anything it takes to find him!"

Holley could feel the ironic sting from his words. She bit her lips to endure the humiliation and begged, "Rex Hu threatened me. I am scared. You have to help me."

Holley brought herself to her knees in front of Ferry and tugged at his clothes for mercy. She stared at Ferry with her teary eyes.

Ferry was taken by surprise for a moment, and then he burst into laughter. He continued to tease, "The relationship between you and Black Hu is as messy as shit! Ha-ha-ha!"

Holley endured his sneer. She could not dare to get angry at him. In silence, she just stared at him seriously, showing her disagreement.

"This is your mess. You have to take care of it yourself! Why should I get involved and get the shit on my hands?" Ferry answered in a point-blank manner, as he noticed Holley's stern face.

Ferry cast a look of disdain at her and pinched her chin while talking down at her.

Holley was in despair. She had thought Ferry would help her due to her loyalty and value. But she was wrong. This man didn't care about her at all. He seemed to have never taken her loyalty seriously. And now Ferry just wanted to distance himself from her to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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