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   Chapter 1759 Apologize

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"Why did you do this to me? Why?" Black asked Rex as he rushed in.

Rex frowned for he thought that Black was being disrespectful to him. "Are you really my son? Why are you talking to your own father like that over a woman?"

"So what did you do to me?" Black glared at Rex. He had a vicious look on his face as if he was staring down his enemy as opposed to his father.

Rex was furious at Black. He walked towards Black and slapped him across the face, unable to control himself anymore.

Black was petrified. He had lifted his hand and was nursing his cheek with his right hand. He had never thought that Rex could do that to him.

For years, no matter what he'd done, Rex would just scold him—never hit him.

Black grew upset upon thinking of this.

"You know Holley and I are getting married soon. Why would you do that?" Black was seething, and his body was shaking in anger. Even though he tried to hide it, he couldn't.

"You little bastard, that bitch doesn't deserve you!"

Rex couldn't understand what Black saw in that woman. Why was he so in love with Holley? No matter how hard Rex thought about it, he just couldn't wrap his head around it.

"You have to stop talking about her like that," Black snapped, scowling at Rex.

Rex just couldn't accept that Black really did care about Holley. He too was shaking in anger as he lifted a finger and pointed it at Black. "Holley isn't even loyal to you. Do you really think she'll be with you wholeheartedly after Jason has gone? Now that Jason's gone, she's going to look for someone to replace him, and that's not you. She's never going to be with you."

Rex didn't care if Black wanted to hear that. He needed to say it because it was the truth.

"No. I don't believe that. Holley loves me. I know she loves me..." Black retorted as he struggled to a

ch as Ferry.

After a few rings, Ferry answered the call.

He knew why Rex was calling him. After all, Holley had told him everything. He didn't answer Rex's call right away simply to irk him.

The Hu Family was powerful, but Ferry wasn't scared. If he had to, he could destroy that family in a blip.

"Mr. Hu, I'm surprised you still remember me," Ferry said snidely.

Rex hadn't expected that Ferry would have found out this soon. He had no choice but to apologize.

"Mr. Fang, why would I forget you? How could I do that? I think you know why I'm calling." Rex decided to get straight to the point.

"Ha! If you didn't mention it, I might have forgotten. Did you go behind my back with your son? Just to make a fool of me?" Ferry accused.

Rex had guessed that Ferry wouldn't be too happy, but he hadn't expected that Ferry would accuse him of purposely botching the plan.

"Mr. Fang, you got this all wrong. I'm very disappointed in my son, for he has fallen in love with Holley. What can I do? Anyway, it was my son's fault. I need to apologize to you."

Rex didn't have a problem apologizing to Ferry. Black was his son and therefore, his weakness. That wasn't a secret at all. Everyone knew it.

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