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   Chapter 1758 The Warning.

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Rex's voice came thundering into Holley's ears through the phone. Holley got so scared to hear his voice that she forgot what to say.

After a while, when Holley recovered from Rex's intimidating voice, she understood Rex's love and concern towards Black as a father. But how could he threaten Holley after his son had been taken away by somebody? How could he say that he would teach Holley a lesson? Wasn't he supposed to find his son as soon as possible?

Holley was surprised. Rex's reaction was beyond her expectation. She was unable to gauge what exactly could have gone wrong.

All of a sudden, she realized that the people who had taken Black away were sent by Rex. Holley heaved a sigh, and her chest felt a lot lighter as soon as she figured it out.

On the other end of the phone, Rex continued to hurl rebukes at Holley. He didn't have a single nice word to say to her.

"Holley Ye, I am warning you for the last time. If you show up again, don't blame me for neglecting Black's dignity." After hurling as many heartless remarks and threats at Holley as possible, Rex hung up the phone.

Holley was certainly clear about the fact that she couldn't expect any respect from Rex. However, being assured about Black's safety relieved her so much that even after she had been so brutally insulted by Rex, her lips curved into a mild smile.

But the smile faded too soon and was replaced by a gloomy face all over again. After Rex ended the call, Holley put her cell phone aside. A frown appeared on her face as soon as she thought of Ferry. What if he found out Jason was gone? She would be in trouble.

What if Ferry held Holley responsible for Jason's leaving right before the marriage? He would never pardon her for that.

At the moment, Holley didn't have much choice other than to pray that Ferry didn't send his men to follow her. Then he would never get to know what happened between her and Black.

After much consideration, Holley finally decided to call Ferry. Anyway, she had to make a bet. Otherwise, Ferry would not spare her life.

With bated breath, she waited for Ferry to answer her call. At every sound of the dialing tone, she was tempted to end the call to save herself from confronting Ferry, but she held on. Ferry answered the phone after a long while.

He was surprised to see Holley's name flashing on his phone screen. He checked the time and assumed that Rex's plan mus

en realized that it was evening now.

Holley glanced around at the city under the moonlight. At the moment, she didn't have a single soul she could turn to for solace nor a single place where she could hide from the lethal and prying eyes of Ferry. Black was taken away by Rex, and she could do nothing but live on in degradation. If Ferry was unhappy someday, she might even lose her life.

Nevertheless, Holley dragged herself back home. Once she reached home, she dropped on the couch and thought of what had happened that day. She still couldn't help trembling at the very thought of the series of incidents that took place, one after the other. Essentially, her mind was a mess. After a while, all she wanted was to just shut down all the noise inside her mind and go to sleep.

Holley endured the pain. She closed her eyes, forcing herself to fall asleep.

In the Hu Family's residence

It was a complete mess in the house. Rex had reached the brink of his patience. Even after trying so many different means, he could not make Black forget Holley. Rex was furious and lost his temper at home.

When Black saw that the people in black brought him to his home, he realized who had employed them. He was seething in rage but was unable to do anything because he had been tied up by them.

After arriving at the villa, Black did not spare the kidnappers when they released him. He kicked them several times to vent his anger and glared at them balefully. However, he knew that they were merely pawns. The mastermind behind all this was right inside the house. He brushed himself off and rushed in.

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