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   Chapter 1756 He Wouldn't Be Able To Show Up

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7549

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After Black was done speaking, he checked his watch, and he flashed it at Jason. With pursed lips, he said, "You're running out of time!"

"I can't part with Holley," Jason said with resolution. But anyone could guess he was extremely scared.

"Jason, think about it. If those usurers catch you again, what will they do to you? Have you ever considered that? You might be dumped into the ocean, and left to be eaten by the sharks," Black pressed Jason, leaving him no choice.

After listening to those daunting words, Jason didn't know what to say. He merely lowered his head and remained silent. Black squatted so that he could look into Jason's eyes. He continued, "It is always better to look before you leap. Which is more important, your wife or your life?"

Jason's face turned dreary after he heard Black's question.

Out of the blue, something occurred to him. 'How does Black know so much about me? Something is off the mark here!' Jason thought curiously.

This thought began to make Jason furious. He glared at Black and yelled at him, "You bastard! I knew it! You asked that woman to seduce me, didn't you?!"

"Jason, you are acting very rashly!" Black replied with a mock-serious expression. Black wasn't afraid of Jason, so he wouldn't hide anything from him. If anything, he was proud to be exposed.


Jason lost control. He clenched his fists, ready to hit Black. But Black was quicker than him. Before Jason could do anything, Black's subordinates had grabbed Jason's arms. Now he was made to kneel on the ground. With their firm grasp, Jason couldn't move an inch. In this helpless state, he continued to glare at Black.

"You don't have much time now. Have you made up your mind? I'm counting to three. If I don't get an answer, I'm leaving." Black flashed him a cold glance. Before Jason could say anything, Black began counting.

"One, two, three."

"Fine, I quit. I promise I will leave Holley. But you have to give me some money. I will need it to abscond." Jason was afraid that Black would hand him over to the usurers, so he gave a prompt reply.

Moreover, Jason knew Ferry well. He hated gamblers more than anyone else. He especially loathed those who borrowed money from usurers. If Ferry found out tha

How ironic!" she mumbled with agony.

Now that she had unleashed her emotions, there was no going back. She lost it and began to cry. Tears started rolling down her soft cheeks. Quickly, she grabbed a tissue and wiped the tears off from her face. After taking a deep breath, she took her purse and left.

Shortly, she started her journey to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

When Holley got out of her car and walked towards the bureau, she saw someone who she hadn't expected to see at all.


Why is he here?'

Holley freaked out. She thought today was the toughest day she had ever had. And the last thing she wanted was to see Black in this embarrassing moment. Wracking her brain, she started to think of a way to escape this meeting.

After thinking about it, Holley realized with certainty that Black must know that she and Jason were getting married.

Feeling defeated, she stood there. After all, there wasn't much she could do about it. 'Perhaps, after seeing me get married to another man, Black might finally lose faith in me. Let him move on, ' she thought with a sigh.

"Holley!" Holly was lost in thought when Black called her name.

"Why are you here?" Holley forced a smile.

"Are you waiting for someone?" Black looked into Holley's eyes and asked seriously.

Holley nodded her head and said, "I'm waiting for Jason. I am getting married to him today."

"Getting married to him?" Black smiled coldly and said, "I'm afraid that he won't be able to show up today."

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