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   Chapter 1755 You Have Two Choices

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After hearing Jason's threats, Holley couldn't help but snort. "Jason, I dare you to report me to your boss right now," Holley challenged him. "I can't wait to see how he would punish me."

Not feeling intimidated by Jason's words at all, Holley hung up even before Jason could respond. Jason tried calling Holley several times again, but he couldn't reach her anymore.

Time flew really fast when you were in trouble. Jason didn't even notice that it had already been an hour. Not long after Holley hung up, the usurers, together with a few brawny men, came over to find Jason.

"Mr. Gao, have you got the money now? I'm sorry to say that we cannot wait any longer. If you can't pay this time, my men might pull a little stunt or two to take care of you," the usurer warned him, grinning as if he would really feel sorry if Jason would be badly beaten later on.

"Sir, please, don't! Give me more time, please! I promise you I'll have enough money to pay you in full!" Falling onto his knees, Jason begged for his life. Sweat began to build upon his forehead, his body trembling in fear.

The usurers, however, wouldn't be persuaded so easily. He had been in this business for quite some time now and had always been a merciless businessman. All he wanted was money. Jason's plea just went in one of his ears and out the other.

Soon, the brawny men started to drag Jason out of the casino. They wanted to throw him into the car, but Jason tried his best to struggle against their restraint. He knew that his life would be in danger once they got him inside the car.

"No! Let go of me! I don't want my organs removed!"

Jason screamed desperately, exhausting all efforts to attract attention from the bystanders. Maybe someone believing in justice could save him.

But humanity failed him. People who regularly visited that place had already gotten used to such a scene. Nobody would risk their own lives to meddle in this kind of business. Even though Jason's voice became hoarse from screaming, the passersby stood deaf to his pleas.

The brawny men continued to push him inside the car. Amidst the commotion, Jason felt hopeful when he heard someone shouted, "Stop!"

The voice sounded familiar, but Jason couldn't see who it was, as the brawny men blocked his view. Searching his memory, he tried to figure out who that person was.

"How much does he owe you? I'll pay for it," the man offered, standing behind the car.


m, Jason felt even more nervous. He was hoping to observe every expression on Black's face. He was afraid that Black might order them to kill him at any time.

"You have two choices right now: leave Holley or return me the money!" Black said indifferently, shrugging his shoulders.

Hearing Black's words and seeing his calm face, Jason was totally shocked. Noting Jason's stunned reaction, Black clarified, "Are you trying to repudiate this debt? If you dare to do so, I'll make sure that your boss will know everything that happened today!"

Black knew Jason's situation clearly. If his boss wanted to help him, he would have given him a hand, knowing that he had received death threats from the usurers already. Moreover, his terrified expression gave Jason away. It just proved that he didn't want Ferry to know about the earlier incident with the usurers.

Heaving a deep breath, Jason tried to regain his composure. "Your threats are useless. I won't give up on Holley!" he exclaimed.

"Good. You know what? I know these guys from Macao casino very well. I can get my money back any time," Black explained. "How do you think I should get them to ask you for the money now?"

In fact, Black had expected Jason's reaction already. He knew that Jason wouldn't agree with his plan so easily, so he made sure that he had several methods in place to make him obey.

Black's words scared Jason to death. He stared at Black intently and tried his best to keep calm despite his trembling voice. "What do you want?" he asked.

"I already told you. Am I not clear enough?" Black teased Jason, making him feel like an idiot.

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