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   Chapter 1754 Turn Against Him

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Mimi enveloped Jason in her arms while her hands explored his body.

"Jason, let's go to have one more crazy night before you get married. What do you say?"

The other night Jason and Mimi had a couple of drinks at the bar and reminisced about all the good times they had together. Jason got a little bit drunk and ended up telling Mimi his whole life story and every single detail about himself. He even mentioned that he was getting married tomorrow.

"Well, if I miss you in the future, I'll still see you," Jason said gleefully as he turned to glance at Mimi.

"Jason, since you're going to get married, let's go to Macau to have fun tonight. I hear that there is a grand gathering there tonight. I've never watched it before and have always wanted to visit. Please, take me there, Jason," Mimi said, pouting as she shook Jason's arm.

Jason was lost in his own thoughts. It was already midnight. There was no time to go to Macau. He was going to get married to Holley tomorrow, and he didn't want to be late.

"Jason, you're getting married soon. Who knows when you're going to be able to have fun again? Wives like to control their husbands. If you don't do this now, you'll never be able to," Mimi cajoled.

"I'm not scared of her. Even if we're married, that means nothing to me, and I can still have fun whenever I want." Jason snorted in response to Mimi's claim that he'd be scared of his wife.

"So let's just go. You're not scared of her, so why are you hesitating?" Mimi pouted and looked at Jason expectantly.

She was good at getting people to do what she wanted. It didn't take long for Jason to agree. After preparing for a bit, soon they were on their way to Macau.

They spent the rest of their night there. Jason had run out of luck at the casino. He won his first two rounds and had grown cocky. He lost all of his games thereafter.

Whenever men lost, it hurt their pride. Mimi saw this in Jason. She rolled her ey

for help. If he did that, who knew where he would end up.

Besides, Ferry might not even help him.

Jason truly couldn't think of anybody who could help him. At last, he had no choice but to call Holley.

After all, they were going to get married. Holley might help him, especially since it was a life-or-death situation.

Holley was asleep, but Jason called her again.

Holley was awoken by the constant ringing. She answered in a rage, "Jason, what the hell do you want? I thought I already gave you what you wanted! Why do you keep on calling me?"

When Jason checked the time, he understood why Holley was so cranky, but he had no choice as he needed to save his life. He said quickly, "I lost a lot of money gambling in the casino. Can you come up with the money so you can save my life?"

"Go to hell. Jason, you've gone too far this time."

Holley found Jason's story difficult to believe. She even thought he was just playing a practical joke on her. But even if it was true, this was none of her business. If anything, she wanted to get rid of Jason. Why would she help him?

"Holley, I'm marrying you tomorrow. Do you think they're going to leave you alone if we don't do something about this?" Jason hurriedly said when he realized that Holley was about to hang up the call.

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