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   Chapter 1753 Are You Worried For Me

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Upon hearing this from Ferry, she promptly leaned against his chest. She'd always known that Ferry was seeing someone else. Now that the other woman was gone, she figured that this was her chance to step up and finally become Ferry's only woman.

However, what she didn't know was that Ferry had only one woman in his heart—his girlfriend. Different women came and went, but only his girlfriend remained in his heart.

Jason had been sitting in his car for quite a while.

Upon ending the call with Ferry, he heaved a sigh of relief. He snapped out of his trance when the wind blew on his face. Then he got out of his car and went inside his house.

When he got to his room, he immediately headed for the couch. 'It seems as if Ferry is really concerned about my marriage to Holley.

No matter what, I have to keep an eye on Holley, ' he thought to himself.

As he thought of this, he knew he had to call Holley even though it was already so late at night.

Holley was sleeping when the call came. It took her some time to realize that someone was calling her, but she had no intention of answering the call. Covering her head with her blanket, she decided to go back to sleep.

However, the phone kept ringing, so she had to answer the call. Still sleepy, she picked up the call and blurted out, "Who's this?"

"Sweetheart, why do you sound so agitated? Is it because you haven't seen me for the entire day?" Jason figured Holley was in a bad mood because she was already sleeping when he called. Still, he flirted with her.


Holley thought she must have heard him wrong, then she glanced at the caller ID and was able to confirm that it was indeed Jason. She grew impatient and said, "Why are you calling?"

"I'm just calling to remind you that we're getting married the day after tomorrow. So you have to be prepared, all right?" Jason said gently.

"All right. All right. Goodbye!"

Holley was annoyed with the sudden phone call. She didn't bother letting Jason know how angry she was, because she was

ere are we going?" Mimi asked Jason sweetly.

Pinching her chin, Jason said, "Where do you think? The hotel, of course."

"You're such a naughty guy!" Mimi feigned bashfulness and lightly punched Jason's chest.

Jason couldn't help but feel aroused. He needed to satisfy his hunger as soon as possible.

It took him no time to find a hotel nearby.

After Jason had finished taking a shower, he saw Mimi lying on the bed.

The woman lifted a finger and gestured for him to come closer, then she said seductively, "Why don't you come closer? I've been waiting for you."

That tipped off Jason's urges. In the blink of an eye, he had flung himself over Mimi's body.

They made love for the next few hours. 'Wow, this woman is really sexy, ' Jason thought, extremely satisfied.

All that lovemaking had tired Jason out, and he could barely lift a finger. As he gazed at the ceiling, he said lazily, "Mimi, that was amazing. You can get whatever money is left in my wallet. It's all yours."

"Really? Jason, thank you! You're so nice to me!"

Jason's bulging wallet didn't slip by Mimi. She'd already guessed that it was full of money. She was over the moon when Jason said she could have all of it.

She planted a kiss on Jason's lips before grabbing the wallet to take the money. There were several wads of cash, and Mimi took them all.

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