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   Chapter 1752 A Fight

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Although Jason got paid for being hit, it was still quite a taxing job. After all, he was left with bruises all over his body. The pain was real, and nothing, even money, mattered more than his health and safety. Jason had started to realize the demerits of the job he had taken up.

"Shut the fuck up, Jason. This is the last time I am warning you. If you dare to bother Holley ever again, I swear I will break your leg," Black stormed pointing towards Jason's legs.

Black gave another hard-hitting kick into Jason's stomach, without even giving him time to react.

Jason stooped down holding his stomach, enduring whatever was coming at him.

After a few blows, Black finally stopped. He asked Jason condescendingly, "Do you hear me?"

Black waited for Jason to answer him. But Jason just lowered his head without responding to him. He ignored Black's question, which irritated Black all the more. He lifted his hand in the air, wanting to hit Jason again.

"I know, I know. Stop hitting me," Jason coughed out the words, closing his eyes to endure the pain.

This time, it was much more painful compared to the last time. Jason felt excruciating pain in his ribs as if they were broken. He couldn't take more blows from Black. Therefore, he answered Black.

"You'd better keep your word. Otherwise, you will end up getting hospitalized again next time. I am being gentle with you this time."

Black hit a final blow on the top of Jason's head before he turned around and left.

There was a moment when Black wanted to kill Jason. But then he managed to resist his killer's instinct. He acted rationally and calmed himself down. Black realized Jason must have a powerful background too. Otherwise, Holley wouldn't choose Jason over him. Aside from Jason's background, Black knew clearly that Rex wouldn't be supportive of what he did.

Besides, Black was not so powerful himself to actually beat Jason down. All he could do at the moment was to warn Jason, hoping that he would learn a lesson and stop bothering Holley.

After he let go of Jason, Black sat in his car, clenching the steering wheel in his hands. He was so furious that his whole body was sh

eant…" Jason explained immediately.

"Alright, stop it now. I heard that Black hit you again today?" Ferry teased Jason.

Hearing the hint of mockery in Ferry's words, Jason was a little irked. But he dared not to express his anger because he could tell from Ferry's tone of voice that he was disappointed and annoyed.

"Boss, don't make fun of me. I listened to you and did what you asked me to do," Jason anxiously explained to Ferry, afraid that Ferry might lash out at him and abandon him. If that was the case, he wouldn't be able to marry Holley.

"I bet you did. You are going to marry Holley the day after tomorrow. Don't get yourself into any trouble over the next few days, you idiot!" Ferry took a sip of wine before he reminded, or rather, threatened Jason.

"Sure, you can rest assured, Boss. I will keep a close eye on Holley and make sure she won't get us into any trouble," Jason promised Ferry confidently.

Ferry didn't have much to do, so he had called Jason to see how he was doing. When he got the answer he wanted, he hung up.

After he hung up on Jason, Ferry turned his head around and smiled at a woman sitting next to him. He said, "Remember the woman I dumped earlier? I finally found someone to marry her. You don't have to worry anymore!"

"Boss, really?" The woman, sitting next to Ferry, exclaimed as her eyes lit up.

Ferry nodded at her and pulled her into his arms, saying, "Why would I lie to you?"

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