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   Chapter 1751 She Was Pestering Me

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Jason looked at Holley with a grin. Without warning, he began groping her, touching her lightly all over her body. He knew he had caught Holley off guard. When he realized this, he took advantage of her inability to respond. He held her tight and pressed his face against her neck.

"Darling, you smell so good," Jason said, his voice sharp with malice. Without delay, he took in Holley's scent and made a show of delight.

With Holley still frozen in fear and disgust, Jason took to touching her more aggressively. As his hands roamed her rigid body, it was clear that Holley was unwilling to participate. Not that Jason cared.

Now that Holley was locked in Jason's arms, she was unable to move. If they weren't in her building's lobby, she would have done something the minute Jason laid a hand on her.

At the moment, she had no choice but to deal with the situation calmly. She whispered to Jason, her voice an octave lower, "We are in public. Restrain yourself."

"What's wrong with hugging my woman? Even if I kiss you right here and right now, nobody would say anything."

Jason's words cut like a knife. Holley had tried to act tough, but now, she felt defeated. At the moment, Jason was still joking around, but unstable as he was, there was a real chance of him exploding all of a sudden. It was becoming increasingly difficult to act around him. He was a thoughtless, selfish pig who did whatever pleased him regardless of the consequences.

When Jason noticed how pale Holley had become, he couldn't help but grab her by the chin. He made her look him in the eyes. "Instead of pretending to be a little miss goody two shoes, and resisting all the fucking time, why don't you go ahead and call the boss? Why don't you beg for him to defend you?"

While this angered Holley, she refused to submit to his sarcastic provocation. She slapped his hand away and was rendered speechless by her own little act of rebellion. When she regained the ability to speak, she pointed an accusing finger at him.


Then, the reality of her situation dawned on her. Losing her composure wouldn't help, and words were just as powerless against Jason. She was up against a shameless man. They could fight in public now, but it would only damage her reputation. In the future, she wouldn't be able to stop him from violating her. Eventually, she would have to let him do what he wanted with her.

Things were about to escalate when a man passed by the lobby, prompting Jason to practice a little self-control. Holley remained locked in his arms the whole time. After the stranger had passed by them, Jason took his chance to threaten Holley.

"Holley, don't test me. I have been giving you so many chances. Next time, wh

er hand from his. When Jason saw how shy she was, he prepared to go in for the kill. "You have pretty hands, and you're so fair-skinned. What do you eat to maintain this kind of beauty?"

All of a sudden, a familiar voice spoke from behind Jason. "Jason Gao, you are courting death."

Jason turned to look behind him and was terrified.

Black? What the hell?

Jason carefully looked at Black. The latter was furious. Why wouldn't he be? He had spent a long time searching for Jason, only to find him trying to pick up loose women.

'This damned man! I can't believe Holley is going to get married to a man who doesn't know how to keep it in his pants!

Holley actually left me for this man?'

At the thought of Holley leaving, Black lost his temper. He charged toward Jason.

Without a second thought, Black punched him square in the jaw.

Jason, petrified by the punch, looked at Black with big, fearful eyes.

"What was that for?"

he asked, recovering momentarily. He feared that Black had broken his nose, so he covered his face with a hand and glared at him. He was scared of Black, but there was no way he was going to show it. Instead, he pretended to tough it up.

This charade did not last, however. Black's glare quickly turned Jason into a mumbling puddle of a man.

Black scowled, pointed at Jason's nose, and said, "Jason Gao, have you forgotten that you lost last time? What are you doing with this woman? Do you want more serious injuries?"

"What? I'm not with this woman. I don't even know her. She was all over me and didn't want to leave me alone. What could I do?"

As Jason spoke, he lost all the confidence he pretended he had. He looked down, afraid to look Black in the eyes and to get punched again. He didn't want to get beaten and be rushed to the hospital once again.

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