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   Chapter 1750 What Were You Looking At

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Jason had snuck out because he hadn't prepared to be discharged from the hospital. So, he had to go back secretly.

"Why can't you go back by yourself? Why do I have to be there? Besides, you look perfectly fine to me! You're healthy as a horse. Why are you still staying in the hospital? Wait, let me guess. You're blackmailing someone," Holley said, scowling.

Men like Jason always saw money as the most important thing in the world.

Black had beaten up Jason so badly that Rex had paid him a lot of money in compensation. Holley figured Jason didn't want to get discharged from the hospital yet because he was hoping to get more money from Rex. She thought about how shameless Jason was and how he really didn't have a limit. He'd do anything for money.

"Well, I can't deny that I love money. Don't you? Don't tell me that you're only with Black because you genuinely like him!"

Jason thought Holley was just the same. They both just wanted money. He couldn't see the difference between the two of them. To him, they were just one and the same.

"That's enough. What do you want? That's your problem, and I'm staying out of it." Holley then promptly pushed Jason away and grabbed the opportunity to run to her car.

She was so fast that he wasn't able to do anything else. He just watched as she disappeared.

Jason then went back to the hospital.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Black felt distressed. His issues with Holley caused him to turn to drink. He didn't stay long, though. After having a couple of drinks, he paid his bill, then stumbled out of the bar.

Black was so completely immersed in his thoughts about Holley that he accidentally bumped into a woman.

The woman yelped as she lifted her head to look at Black. "What's your problem? Did you do that on purpose?"

"I think he did. He must be interested in you. You're so lucky." Anothe

every day," Black ordered.

"Okay. Don't worry, Mr. Hu. I'm a professional detective, and I'm very good at what I do. Just stand by for an update," the detective said.

At Holley's home

Holley wasn't having a good evening. She had been thinking about Black. She worried about what he was going to do to himself after what she'd just told him. She couldn't help but regret telling him that. However, she knew that feeling remorseful wasn't going to help anything. She had to accept whatever was going to come.

After washing up, she went downstairs. She was surprised to find that Jason was there.

Leaning against Holley's car, he said to Holley rather seductively, "Honey, did you miss me?"

"What's your problem?" Holley yelled back. She couldn't restrain herself anymore.

Jason was unfazed. He casually approached Holley, pulled her hand, and said, "Ready to get married to me?"

"Back to business?"

Holley was upset that she had to deal with Jason twice in two days.

Jason pulled Holley back just as she was about to storm off.

Eyeing her from head to toe, Jason sent a chill down her spine.

"What are you looking at?" His gaze left her feeling uncomfortable. Holley's face turned cold as she scowled at Jason.

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