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   Chapter 1744 Disappointment

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Charles knew with certainty that Sheryl was here for the divorce. But he feigned ignorance and asked, "Sher, why are you here? Do you want something?"

Pursing her lips, Sheryl thought for a while. Slowly, she answered, "Charles, you know that we can't continue our relationship. Why are you so hell-bent on dragging this out? Can't we just finish it?"

"Oh no! There is no way you are getting a divorce from me. Try all you want, but this topic is closed."

Charles spoke with so much conviction. There was a tone of finality in his voice. He made it evident to Sheryl that she had no room for argument.

"Charles, cut this crap! You've already had sex with Leila. You betrayed me! What excuse do you have for that?" Sheryl retorted hotly. She was annoyed that Charles was behaving so unreasonably. And now that she thought of Leila, her agitation intensified. Overwhelmed with emotions, Sheryl couldn't be bothered to hide it any longer. Hence, she openly confessed her rage.

Earlier, she had told herself to act patiently in front of Charles. But it seemed that it was nearly impossible to communicate properly with him. There was a part of Sheryl that regretted choosing to come here. She had a sudden urge to leave.

"No matter what you say, I won't divorce you! The only way you can get rid of me is if I die!"

Charles looked at Sheryl with his pain-filled eyes. Since he had opened up his heart, he had no intention of hiding his emotions. He wanted to tell her how badly he wanted her. Even in his voice, his sorrow could be detected.

Sheryl felt somewhat confused. 'What is wrong with Charles? If he didn't want to divorce me, then why did he have an affair with Leila?'

Even though this was bothering her, Sheryl thought it was best to keep it to herself. After a while, she said, "Charles, the kids will live with me. If you miss them, you can come and visit them. I'm not cruel enough to deny you access to them. But this is all I can offer. There will be nothing between you and me anymore. I'm tired of it. Can't you just release me from this misery?''

As she spoke, her eyes began to turn red with sorrow.

A look of sadness flashed across Charles' eyes. Suddenly he stood up, went over

hocked Charles, who looked at Sheryl with a surprised face.

"Charles, I don't want to see you ever again!"

After she spat out these words, she turned and ran out of the cafe.

After so many days, he had finally gotten an opportunity to speak to her. 'How can I let her go?' he thought to himself and started following her.

"Are you so hell-bent on breaking things with me? Last time when you wanted to mess with Leila, you made up the story that Shirley was missing. How ridiculous that was! Yet, I didn't blame you for that. Why can't you forgive me for once? And yes, I did have sex with Leila. But that was only because I was drunk! I mistook her for you!"

Charles grabbed Sheryl's arm and poured his heart out.

Shaking Charles' hand off, Sheryl eyed him and shook her head. But she didn't say anything.

"Sher, what's wrong?" He had noticed that Sheryl seemed a bit strange. He thought that he had said something wrong, so he became apologetic.

"Charles, what did you say? Pardon?"

Sheryl couldn't believe that Charles still thought she was lying. They had been living together for such a long time, but he still didn't trust her. A feeling of being struck by lightning overcame her. All her hope, vigor, and life was gone.

She couldn't help asking him, "Charles, do you think that I'm a ruthless woman? Do you think that I'm a woman who would go to such lengths as to use my daughter to frame someone else?"

With agonizing pain, she eyed Charles.

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