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   Chapter 1741 Sorry To Bother You

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"Money makes the world go round." The bartender agreed to help Charles get home to the Dream Garden.

Leila was already waiting for Charles to come home by the time the bartender arrived at the Dream Garden. When she caught sight of them, she then quickened her pace and said to the bartender, "I can take over from here. Thanks for your help!"

The bartender nodded his head in agreement when he saw Leila. He then turned around and left the Dream Garden.

Charles may have drunk too much, but he still knew what was going on, so Leila didn't have to carry him inside.

"Charles, are you all right? Why did you drink so much?" Leila touched his forehead gently. She looked so worried as she gazed at Charles.

Charles cracked a smile and murmured, "Sheryl, don't worry. I'm okay. I will be fine as long as you won't leave me. Don't leave me, please?"

All the color in Leila's face drained upon hearing Sheryl's name. She glared at Charles—seething!

Charles was already lying on his bed. Leila nudged him, but he didn't respond anymore. Her eyes instantly widened. She knew this was her opportunity, and she'd been waiting for this for so long.

"Charles?" Leila called.

Charles still didn't respond. This was how Leila confirmed that he was already sleeping.

Leila put his feet down and undressed him carefully. After that, she started taking photos of him. The moment that she had been waiting for had finally come. She'd given Sheryl a live show before, and here she was giving her an encore.

She planned to make it seem like they'd slept together. Leila knew how angry Sheryl would be if she thought that Charles had slept with her. These photos were what Leila needed to convince Sheryl of that. Even if Charles tried to deny or explain to Sheryl, she'd never believe him. Leila knew that Sheryl would never forgive Charles after this.

At Sheryl's home

Sheryl was playing with her kids when her phone buzzed. Someone had texted

rt twisting in pain. She hated Charles so much. 'Why doesn't he want to sign those divorce papers if he's already moved on with Leila? Why couldn't he just let me go?' Sheryl bitterly thought to herself.

Even though it was already getting late, she knew she couldn't wait until the next morning for this. She dialed her lawyer's number.

"Hello, Miss Xia. It's quite late already. Is there an emergency?" he asked anxiously as soon as he answered the call. He was afraid something had happened to Sheryl.

"No, Mason. I'm sorry to bother you so late. I was just wondering when I can finally get the divorce over with. I just want it behind me as soon as possible."

Sheryl wanted nothing more than to be divorced from Charles, no matter what the cost. She'd do anything, as long as she could get her divorce.

"I'm sorry, Miss Xia. I'm afraid we can't do anything else right now. The papers are already before the court, and we have to follow protocol," Mason said helplessly.

Sheryl was disheartened upon hearing this.

After a long, awkward pause, Mason coughed, then asked rather bashfully, "Miss Xia? Are you still there?"

"Oh, okay. I've got it. Sorry to bother you, Mason!"

Sheryl said to Mason politely. She asked a few more questions about the divorce before ending the call.

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