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   Chapter 1737 Mind Your Own Business

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Charles had intended to join Leila and Melissa for breakfast when he received a call from David.

"President, I think you better come here. Right now." David didn't even bother to greet Charles. He got straight to the point.

Charles had a dark look on his face when he replied, "Okay, I'm on my way."

After Charles ended the call, he headed upstairs, changed his clothes, and grabbed his car keys. He was preparing to leave.

"Charles, Leila's coming with you," Melissa said to Charles as he walked to the door.

"I have to go now. I don't have the time to wait for her now." Charles didn't really want Leila to go with him, but he didn't want to admit that to Melissa, so he just made up an excuse.

"She's ready. She's waiting for you outside." Melissa smiled at Charles.

Then she gestured toward the driveway.

Charles looked outside and saw that Leila was already standing next to his car.

"Fine, Mom. I need to leave for work now, bye," Charles said coldly. Then they got into his car and drove away.

When Charles got the call from David, Leila was curious as she tried to listen in on their conversation. When she saw the look on Charles' face, she immediately knew that something had happened, so she cunningly got dressed quickly. If she hadn't been quick, Charles would have just left her.

"Charles, is something wrong? You look so anxious," Leila asked. Charles was driving very fast, and he looked gloomy.

"Mind your own business," Charles answered Leila coldly without even looking at her.

Leila was so embarrassed upon hearing this that her face turned a shade of beet red. She felt upset, but she didn't want Charles to know. She just shrugged it off and pretended nothing happened. "Charles, is there anything I can help with regarding the Star Company project?"

"Nothing, just focus on your own work," Charles said rather icily, as he kept his eyes on the road.

Leila grew silent and decided to stop trying to talk to Charles. She could tell

ed speaking. David guessed that Charles was pissed, so he just stood still and remained silent.

"I see. It's just 100 million. I don't care. At least we learned a lesson. I'm sure we can survive this."

Charles got even more annoyed when he thought of Sheryl. Then he gestured for David to leave.

David walked out and shut the door quietly.

"David, did something happen? Is the company in trouble?" Since Charles had entered his office, Leila had just been staring at the door. She knew Charles rushed to the office because David called. So as soon as she saw David leaving Charles's office, she ran to him right away and anxiously asked him what was going on.

David furrowed his brows and shook off Leila's hand. Then he said, "Leila, why don't you go and ask President Lu yourself if you want to know something?"

Leila knew that David never liked her. But she didn't expect that David would treat her like this when she was just asking about work.

"David, wait."

Leila's face turned dreary. Everyone in the company knew that Charles was going through a divorce from Sheryl and that Leila was bound to marry Charles, so everyone was treating her with more respect. The only exception was David.

"What now, Leila?"

David said, sounding annoyed. He turned to Leila, and his brows were knitted together.

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