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   Chapter 1735 Holley’s Choice

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Rex wasn't able to contain the rage in his heart. He angrily pointed his finger at Black and yelled, "Mark my words, if you leave with her right now, you won't have a home to come back to!"

"Dad, don't be stupid. Every time you say that to me, you always end up calling me back. Why do you have to threaten me like that when you don't mean it? It just makes things worse between us," Black said helplessly, as he turned to look at Rex.

Rex's threats didn't make Black change his mind. On the contrary, it made even Black more sure of his decision to stay with Holley.

"Black, I'm telling you. It's for real this time. I'm not joking. I'm too old to play this game with you. If you leave right now, you're not my son anymore, and I'm going to freeze your bank accounts. Let's see how much this woman really loves you when you don't have a single penny to your name anymore!"

Rex had completely lost his temper. He didn't care that he was taking away Black's pride. His goal was to humiliate Black so he could put Black in his place.

"Dad, even if Holley chooses to stay with me, just because I'm from a rich family, I'd be more than fine with that!"

Black said without a shadow of a doubt. He wouldn't let his father taint his pure and sincere love for Holley. He had to fight back and show how determined he was.

Holley was under a lot of pressure. There was no room for her to cut in. She stood beside Black and listened as the father and son argued back and forth. When Rex said he would freeze Black's bank accounts, she grew anxious. She knew how much Black loved her, and it was very obvious. However, the only reason she was staying with Black was for his money.

Holley tentatively moved her hand in an attempt to pull back her arm. She didn't want to see this falling out anymore. If Rex froze Black's bank accounts, it would have dire consequences for both her and Black.

However, when she moved her hand, Black held it tighter. He needed her to support him at this moment, but the grip made Holley uncomfortable.

Holley had no choice but to stay.

"Fine then! You two deserve each other! You're stupid because she's just using you! How did I raise someone as stupid as you?" Rex's voice trembled as he scolded his son.

"That's enough! Since you've made yourself perfectly clear

Of course, I do! I just don't want to see you and your father fight over this!"

"No, it must be Jason. It's Jason, right? You still love him! And you don't want to leave him! You said you would handle it, but I don't think you did! I bet you didn't do any of the things you said you would. You're just making a fool out of me!"

Black gloomily looked at Holley. He didn't really want to raise his voice like that. He had just wanted to ask her. He was afraid Holley would be turned off by his paranoia and leave him.

Holley's heart had belonged to Black even before. If it weren't for Ferry, she wouldn't have to hold herself back. She didn't have the freedom to really show Black her true feelings because of Ferry. It tore her apart inside, but she couldn't tell Black the truth either.

Since Holley wasn't saying anything, Black had no choice but to believe his own paranoia.

"I love you so much. Why don't you love me back? Why do you keep on choosing Jason? You know what kind of man he is! He doesn't truly love you…"

Black had secretly dug into Jason's past before. He knew a lot about his history. Which was why he knew that Jason wasn't good for Holley.

"Enough! Black, I don't want to listen to this anymore! I'm grateful that you helped me out today, but that doesn't mean you can say whatever you want about my life. Whatever's going on between me and Jason is none of your business. I need you to leave right now,"

Holley pushed Black away and made sure that he didn't have a chance to respond any further.

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