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   Chapter 1734 A Trouble-Maker

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 9658

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Police never like the attitude of rich and arrogant young men. Hence when they chanced upon a reason to detain Black, they took it happily.

Black was forcefully pressed to the ground by the police. Ronald, on the other hand, was covering his face with his hands, pretending to be badly hurt. Then he started to mumble something about suing Black for what he had done.

Holley never thought that Black would hit Ronald. She looked at Black, unable to say anything. At this moment, it seemed like her ability to speak was diminished.

'It was between him and me, but now there is a third person involved! What am I going to do about it?' Holley thought to herself.

The police kept them in three separate rooms, which was a necessity according to their regular routine. Then, they started to interrogate them, one by one.

Black didn't say anything in front of the police. He knew that Rex must be on his way, so there wasn't any need to say anything in self-defense. 'Rex will be able to get me out of this mess. I need not put in any effort, ' Black thought with smug satisfaction.

But Holley had no one to defend her. She had to rely on herself. With determination, she thought, 'I have to make them believe that I was trapped.' But when they went to Ronald, he said that Holley was the one who had seduced him. He profusely blamed her for everything. Due to their contradictory claims, the police inspectors were baffled.

After a while, the officer lost his temper and slammed his fist down on the desk. He yelled at Ronald, "You! Let me tell you something. We know everything about you, so don't try to hide anything. We know about your criminal record, and we also found several prior convictions. Don't pretend to be innocent in front of us. That facade won't work here. If you admit your guilt right now, we will offer you a lenient punishment. But, if we find out that you are lying, you will be punished even harder. Do you understand?"

Initially, this police officer had behaved nicely. Hence, Ronald hadn't expected he would change his attitude so quickly. He clearly noticed that the officer was threatening him. And he also knew that it was not just an empty threat. The officer meant what he said.

With that thought in mind, Ronald lowered his head, not answering anything for a while.

When the officer saw him behaving like that, he thought that Ronald was still planning to waste their time by beating around the bush, so he started yelling again, "Do you understand?! Answer me, Ronald!"

Ronald was shocked by his words. He suddenly looked up and stared into the officer's eyes. "Okay. I'll speak up. I'll say whatever I know."

Ronald didn't dare to lie again, so he told the police everything that had happened, which was similar to Holley's claim.

The officer got angry upon hearing his words. "I knew it! I knew you were lying. Liar! Wait and

amed of him, ' Rex thought to himself.

"Father!" Black noticed that Rex was coughing profusely. He got worried, so he walked towards Rex and patted him on his back.

"Are you all right, father? Do you feel better now?'' Black worriedly asked Rex in a concern-filled voice.

But Rex didn't answer. After he coughed for a while, he somehow felt better. After a while, Rex looked at Black unhappily and said, "Now, I thought you only cared about this woman. I take it that you don't want your father anymore, isn't it?''

Black's lips curled angrily. He remained silent but continued to pat Rex's back.

A while later, Rex was fully recovered. He looked at Black and said, "All right, now come home with me.'' After saying this, Rex flashed Black a quick glance, expecting him to follow.

Black didn't utter a word. He obediently held Rex's arm and walked out of the police station with him. Holley went with them silently, but she kept her distance. After they got out of the police station, Holley decided to call a taxi and go home on her own.

But all of a sudden Black appeared in front of her. He looked at her, smiling, and said, "Holley, wait for me. I will drive you home!"

"You want to go back with this trouble-maker?"

Rex felt his son's actions were unbelievable. For a while he was fine, but now his anger returned in full force. He never expected that Black would be like this, throwing away all his pride and self-respect to be nice to Holley again, even though she had cheated on him. 'Is he a fool or something? Why is he still dreaming about being with that bitch? She has clearly shown her interest in other men. How can he take this so lightly!?' Rex thought with rage.

"Father, please, go back home on your own. I would like to drive Holley home first," Black said in a hurry. He looked at Rex again and turned around.

Swiftly, Black grabbed Holley's arm and walked towards his car.

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