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   Chapter 1733 Bail

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After Black hung up on Holley, he called Rex right away.

Rex was in the Hu mansion. He didn't expect that Black would call him. He took a sip of his tea before he picked up the call.

"Dad, I need to go to the East City Police Station. Holley's there. I need to bail her out!" Black said to Rex anxiously.

Rex thought that something urgent had happened, and Black needed his help or that Black was finally seeing the light, and giving up on his relationship with Holley like Rex had always wanted. Instead, Black was calling for help for that damned woman!

"You can't just…"

"Dad, go to the East City Police Station now. I'm on my way too,"

Black said. After he finished speaking, he immediately hung up the phone without giving Rex a chance to respond.

Even though Rex was disappointed that his own son had hung up on him, he still asked the driver to go to the police station. He wanted to see what Holley was up to now.

After speaking with Rex, Black then told the police that he needed to leave now. He was always impulsive like that. Whenever he thought of doing something, he always went in head first, without thinking of any possible consequences. The police were at a loss as to what to do. They scratched their heads, confused.

"What are you doing just looking at me? I need to go to the East City Police Station, and it's urgent. So if I need to sign anything, just tell whoever's in charge to call my Dad!"

Black made his way to the door and left.

In the East City Police Station

"Tell me, what happened?" the police officer coldly asked Ronald, as he carefully placed a piece of paper and a voice recorder on the desk.

Ronald raised both of his hands as if to say he was innocent. He said, "Sir, none of this is my fault. She seduced me! How could I resist that?"

"Lies! I didn't seduce you. You wanted to put your hands on me!" The last thing Holley had expected of Ronald was that he'd twist the story like that. It irked her to hear that, and she knew she had to defend herself.

"Just because you're a woman doesn't mean you're not setting me up," Ronald argued, pointing his fingers at Holley.

Holley was too angry and upset to u

mper as he tightly held Holley.

The police officer was a little embarrassed. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. After all, he had just started questioning Holley and Ronald. He didn't know anything yet.

When the police didn't say anything, Black softly said to Holley, "Holley, tell me. What happened?"

Tears streamed down Holley's face upon hearing this. Finally, someone who would believe her and listen to her side of the story. It took a while for Holley to stop crying and calm down. Only then did she tell Black what happened in detail. She skipped the part about Ferry because she didn't want to talk about him anymore.

Black knitted his eyebrows together as he listened to Holley. He rubbed her back and comforted her. "It's okay, it's okay, I'm here."

Eventually, Holley calmed down. Then Black walked her over to her chair so she could sit down again. Suddenly, Black rushed to Ronald and punched him in the face.

This was the last thing that Ronald expected, as he didn't realize Black would be so bold as to hit him in front of the police.

Ronald fell to the ground immediately. Black didn't stop there. He climbed on top of Ronald and continued to hit him.

The police tried to break up the two, but it was too late. Ronald already had bruises everywhere.

"Stop it! What do you think you're doing, Black?! Just because you come from the Hu family doesn't mean you can do anything you want! Even if it's illegal!"

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