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   Chapter 1732 Holley Offers To Call Black

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Holley was startled, and she felt violated. She anxiously tried to struggle free but to no avail as Ronald was far too strong.

When he looked down at Holley's shirt, he was surprised to see her breasts. His eyes widened, and then he exclaimed, "You're so gorgeous! I'm sorry that I scared you. I didn't mean to hurt you. Let me take you to the hospital."

Ronald forced Holley into his car as he finished talking. He didn't give Holley a second to answer.

"You bastard! Let me go!"

Holley's patience had been pushed to its limits. Ferry had spat on her pride, and this man was trying to do the same. Holley was sick of it. She didn't find Ronald as scary as Ferry, so she had no problem fighting back. She decided she was going to take out all her anger at Ferry on Ronald.

Holley kept struggling. She stomped him hard on the foot.

"Fuck!" Ronald's grip on her arm loosened. He immediately jumped out of pain, letting out a yelp.

Then Holley promptly shoved Ronald off her, and she snarled, "Bastard! You dare touch me! Stay the fuck away from me!" She turned in an attempt to leave.

But Holley had underestimated Ronald. He figured he'd never get a chance with someone like Holley ever again. He wouldn't just let her go that easily. It had been a while since he'd slept with someone, and meeting someone as beautiful as Holley looked like a sign to him. He would do anything to get Holley, even if it was against her will.

Ronald strode towards Holley and blocked her from leaving. Then he opened his arms, trying to pull her into his chest. He teased, "Sweetie, come with me. I may have hurt you, but I'll take responsibility for it!"

Ronald's lips curved into an evil grin, as he kept talking to Holley. Feeling humiliated, Holley burst out screaming, "Get the fuck away from me!"

"Hey, Sweetie. Have some manners! I'm just trying to help you. I want to take responsibility for you. I'm worried about that wound of yours. If anything bad happens to you, I'd never forgive myself!"

Ronald approached Holley and then tried to grab her arm again.

Holley was running out of patience. Before Ronald could touch her again, she raised her hand and slapped him across the face.

Getting slapped triggered something inside Ronald. All of a sudden, he lost his temper. He glared at Holley with a spiteful look.

Holley felt the atmosphere shift. She attempted to run away, but Ronald w

contacts list, she had to force herself to tap on Black's name. She'd decided Black was the only one she could call for help. She hesitantly dialed Black's number.

Black was still at the police station. He was having a cold war with Rex, so he was quite upset. He'd decided that as long as Jason and Holley were still hooking up, he would be staying here in the police station. However, he was surprised when he saw Holley's name on his phone—she was calling him.

He quickly answered the call. He was excited as he answered, "Holley, it's you! You're finally calling me. I've waited for this for so long!"

Holley couldn't help but feel moved upon hearing this. She knew that Black had never stopped loving her. At that moment, she just wanted to pour out her emotions and cry, but she knew that she didn't have the luxury of time to do that, so she calmed herself down.

"I need you, now! Can you come to where I am?" Holley said softly. She needed Black to help her out. That was the most important thing right now.

"Of course, where are you? I'm on my way!"

Black had missed Holley so much, but he hadn't been able to find her anywhere. He'd waited for her call for so long. He was so excited when she finally called him.

"I'm at the eastern police station. I…" Holley paused, unsure how to explain to Black.

Then she continued, "It's a long story. Just get here as soon as possible!" Holley didn't know how to tell Black the whole story.

Black's chest tightened when he heard that Holley was at the police station. He immediately decided that he would help her in any way he could.

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