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   Chapter 1731 An Accident

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Holley knew from Ferry's tone that he was in no mood to play games. So she didn't say another word and waited for him to speak.

"Meet me in 15 minutes. If you're late, you will be screwed,"

Ferry said and hung up immediately. He didn't even wait for Holley to reply.

After the rough conversation, Holley was dumbfounded. The given time was too short for her to get dressed and make it to the coffee shop at such a late hour.

Every time Ferry asked her to meet him, he was always controlling her time, which drove Holley crazy; and this time was no exception.

Holley rushed to the coffee shop at a fast pace. No surprise, Ferry was already there.

Her heart tightened, thinking she was screwed again. Then, she looked at her watch. Fortunately, she wasn't late. Ferry was just early.

"I am not late," Holley clarified to Ferry while catching her breath.

"Marry Jason!" Ferry abruptly said to Holley, who hadn't even sat down yet.

Holley looked at Ferry in disbelief, and her eyes grew wider when she heard him.

Ferry firmly nodded at Holley, as if confirming that, "Yes, I am asking you to marry Jason."

"Are you kidding me?" Holley asked Ferry carefully, a bit embarrassed by this offer.

"Holley, who do you think you are? Don't flatter yourself! I don't have time to play games with you!" Ferry said in disappointment.

While being glared at by Ferry, Holley fell silent. She was thinking about how to sway Ferry's demand.

"Holley, I know what you are thinking. And let me tell you, nothing can change my mind, not while I live. You are marrying Jason!" Ferry smiled viciously at Holley.

Although Holley didn't say anything, Ferry saw right through her. He knew she was reluctant to marry Jason.

"I already did everything you asked me to do! Is that even necessary? Why would you want me to marry Jason?!" she asked Ferry, while on the verge of tears. Ferry was driving Holley crazy!


erself in sorrow. No matter how loud the honk was, she just couldn't hear it in the busy street. Ronald threw away his phone and hit the brakes. Thankfully, the car stopped just in time.

Holley was startled when she finally heard the loud screeching sound. As the car stopped, she lost her balance due to the rush and fell onto the ground.

Ronald thought he had hit Holley. He hurriedly got out of his car to check whether Holley was okay.

He then felt so relieved when he found out that Holley wasn't hurt. But he angrily said to Holley, "What's wrong with you?!"

Holley lifted her head and looked at Ronald. She took a deep breath but still hadn't recovered from what had just happened.

Out of nowhere, Ronald was surprised to realize that Holley had a cute face. He didn't realize that he had hit a pretty lady until now. He stroked his chin as he stared at Holley.

Being stared at like this, Holley finally realized what had happened and feeling annoyed, she stood up, ignoring the man standing in front of her. She brushed the dust off her clothes, ready to leave. However, Ronald stopped her, saying, "Young lady, I hit you. I should take you to the hospital. I will take responsibility. Don't worry!" Ronald whispered in her ears, then pulled Holley into his arms.

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