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   Chapter 1730 Fear

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Holley trembled at the mere thought of it.

Ferry saw this, so he purposely approached her then. He spoke in a contemptuous voice, "Holley, you guessed it right. You're just a useless pawn in my chess game. If I have to, I'll abandon you. If you get me angry, I'll kill you. So you better do and behave as you're told."

"I know you won't do that. If something happened to me, you'd have to deal with Charles, and that's never good for you. So I know you won't do that." Holley had been thinking of this for a while, so when she finally got the opportunity, she didn't miss the chance to say this to Ferry.

Ferry nodded. "You're right. But if you don't finish this, you'll have no use to me."

"Don't worry. It's happening. It's going to be done soon," Holley said to Ferry.

Ferry nodded with a contented expression. Then he closed his eyes, and didn't say another word.

When Ferry closed his eyes, his subordinate kicked Holley out of the car.

Holley wasn't prepared, so she just fell to the ground.

When Holley saw Ferry's car disappear, she was both relieved and worried.

What had just happened at the bar was serious. Holley didn't know what would happen next or how to deal with it. Ferry was driving her crazy.

The night wind blew. Holley shivered in the cold, so she hailed a cab to go home.

In the police station

The police were now overwhelmed. They were very well aware of who Black was, but they still had to do their jobs, so it made them anxious.

They didn't want to offend him, so they treated him like a VIP.

Rex got a call from the police station. He thought he had misheard them. 'Black is at the police station?' Rex thought to himself.

"Mr. Hu, if it's not too much trouble, would you mind coming over

dn't exactly like Ferry. He knew Ferry didn't respect him that much, and he believed Ferry was to be blamed for what had happened to Black.

"I'm going straight to the point. I need a favor from you, and I'll reward you in return." Rex didn't beat around the bush at all, and he was straightforward as he spoke with Ferry.

"What is it? As long as I can do it, I'll try my best,"

Ferry promised. If Rex's request was reasonable, he would try his best to do it.

"Okay, it's about..."

Rex informed Ferry of his request.

After listening, Ferry agreed. "Don't worry, Mr. Hu. I'll handle it."

Then they discussed the payment terms and hung up.

Ferry looked at his phone with a proud smile on his face. 'I knew he'd give in and call me. I just didn't expect it to be this soon, ' he thought to himself.

After a while, Ferry called Holley.

Holley had just gotten home. She was getting ready to go to bed when she heard her phone ring. She trembled in fear when she saw that it was Ferry calling.

She snorted as she picked up the call.

"What's wrong?"

"Am I not allowed to call you if there's nothing wrong?" Ferry said, sounding displeased.

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