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   Chapter 1728 Pay For Your Mistake

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Black wasn't intimidated by Jason's threats at all. He had a grim look on his face as he pointed his finger at Jason.

After a while, the police arrived.

Jason acted like he had been badly beaten by Black.

"Officer, this man beat me up for no reason at all. Everyone saw it happen. My head hurts!" Jason wasn't acting like a man at all. Instead, he was acting like some nagging old woman who did nothing but whine.

As the police checked on his injuries, Jason kept complaining about Black. Black didn't say anything when the police took him away.

"All right. We'll inform you once we finish the investigation. You can rest for now. Whoever's responsible for this will pay your hospital bills," the police told Jason.

Jason nodded his head in satisfaction.

When the police were gone, Jason heaved a sigh of relief and stopped his acting. Then he called Ferry.

"Sir, Black almost beat me to death today!"

After he'd complained to the police, he started to do the same to Ferry, as if he wanted Ferry to know how much he'd suffered. The only thing missing was tears.

Ferry was drinking at a bar. When Jason started to complain over the phone, he rolled his eyes. The woman next to him noticed this and asked innocently, "Dear, what happened? Are you okay?"

Ferry shot a cold glance at the woman.

The woman trembled in fear, as she suddenly felt the atmosphere go cold. In embarrassment, she got up and chose to sit somewhere else, far from Ferry, where she couldn't disturb him.

Ferry coughed lightly as soon as the woman left.

This didn't slip by Jason. He knew what this meant, for it meant that Ferry was angry.

"Sir… I…"

"Jason, I sent you that woman so you co

pped herself in Ferry's arms and asked sweetly, "Where are you taking me tonight?"

"Anywhere you want to go!" Ferry answered in delight.

After exchanging a glance with the woman, Ferry kept his arms wrapped around her as they made their way to leave the bar.

The bar was quite a noisy place. To exit, one needed to go through the crowded dance floor. It was so crowded that Ferry and the woman were immediately surrounded by all kinds of people on the dance floor.

The woman started dancing, but Ferry didn't really feel like dancing. Frowning, he skimmed the surroundings and noticed a familiar figure.

'What is Holley doing here?' he pondered.

Ferry couldn't help but be curious. Smirking, he went to a quieter spot and made a call.

It didn't take long for his men to arrive.

"Sir, what do you need us to do?" his men asked as they all bowed to Ferry.

Ferry looked at where he had seen Holley with a sinister smile. His men followed his eyes and immediately saw Holley.

Then Ferry said, "Someone's trying to hide something, and the more she tries to hide, the more it deserves to get exposed in public."

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