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   Chapter 1727 Try It If You Could

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"Can you even handle me? Holley, don't you think you're overestimating yourself? Do you really have the guts to go against me? Aren't you afraid you're going to die?" Jason threatened Holley. He showed no signs of fear in his eyes.

He didn't even take Holley seriously. When Ferry had assigned this task to him, he had thought that he would just have fun with it. He didn't feel too bad about taking advantage of Holley because it was not like she was a good person or anything. He didn't have any pity for her.

"Jason, you're just a pawn, even if you call Ferry your boss. You and I are just the same. If you keep getting on my nerves, it's not going to end well for either of us!" Holley yelled as she pushed Jason so hard that he fell onto the bed.

Jason was silent. Holley sneered as she left. She didn't want to stay there any longer.

Just as Holley left, a nurse came in to do Jason's routine check-up.

"I'm glad that you're here today. Yesterday, an old nurse came to check up on me. She was careless, quite clumsy, you know? But not you. I know you have delicate hands. Please, take care of me. I'm not feeling so well. I can feel a pain in my chest," Jason said a bit over-dramatically.

The nurse had already gotten used to Jason's flirting. She was irked, but she had to restrain herself. "Sir, it was our head nurse who gave you the check-up yesterday. That made you quite lucky. Don't let her hear you!"

The nurse said before she started the check-up.

Jason kept his eyes on her the entire time.

She was embarrassed as Jason gazed at her, and her face became the color of cherry tomatoes. Coughing, she asked, "Sir, why are you looking at me like that?"

"Because you're so pretty. It would be a waste if I don't look at your beautiful face!"

After he spoke, he stretched out his hand as if trying to reach for her, but she was able to dodge on time.

She'd seen her ow


"I won't. But let me tell you what I can do, I can sleep with her any time I want," Jason scornfully said with a chuckle.

Without another thought, Black again attacked Jason. Before Jason could even realize what was happening, Black had already begun beating him to a pulp. Even if he had realized sooner what was happening, he was no match for Black.

"Stop, stop, I won't say that anymore," Jason begged. He didn't want to die here.

They attracted outside attention because of how noisy and rowdy they had gotten. A nurse who was just passing by Jason's room, came in to check what was going on. She was surprised to find some strange man beating up the patient.

"Who are you? What are you doing?" the nurse shouted as she pushed the door open.

Black ignored her and just continued beating Jason up.

The nurse called the police since Black wouldn't stop.

Some doctors and nurses came in and tried to pull Black away.

Even then, Black was still scary and making threatening gestures, despite being unable to touch Jason.

When Jason saw that many doctors and nurses were inside his room, he said, "Black, I'm going to sue you. I swear to God, you're going to spend the rest of your life locked up behind bars!"

"Let's see if you can."

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