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   Chapter 1726 Don't Push Me Too Far

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Updated: 2019-10-22 00:13

Speechlessly, Sheryl smiled. She could only nod at Isla's bubbly mood.

Isla, on the other hand, cheered and jumped because of too much joy.

Sheryl was very amused. Though already a mom, Isla still always acted like a child. Sheryl could only shake her head at her.

"You're so excited, Isla. What made you so happy?" Sheryl asked Isla in confusion.

Snapping her fingers, Isla looked at Sheryl saying, "You notice that?"

"Of course, Isla. Who wouldn't? When you're grinning like that! If I noticed nothing, I would be an idiot," Sheryl answered, shaking her head.

Before telling Sheryl what had happened the previous night, Isla grabbed Sheryl's hand and got into the car with her.

It wasn't really a big deal. But for Isla, it was already pretty exciting. And she wanted to share every happy moment in her life with Sheryl.

After hearing Isla's story, Sheryl burst into laughter. She couldn't believe Isla would be so happy about this.

Isla's mother-in-law had picked up the children to stay with her for a while, and she would take care of the kids to give their parents a break. Isla could finally have some alone time with Aron. This idea cheered Isla so much. She and Aron hadn't had a sweet vacation since they had children.

"Aron's parents are very nice. I am so glad that you have such nice in-laws. If Charles'…"

Sheryl stopped abruptly when she mentioned Charles' name.

Though Isla didn't expect Charles' name to be dragged in their conversation, she was still thankful that it was Sheryl who did it. If Isla had done that, she was sure Sheryl would have been upset. And, she did not want that to happen.

"Wish me luck, Sher. By the way, since I am going away on holiday with Aron, you will be very busy in the following weeks. I will not be around to help you with work. So, make good use of me today. I will try my best to meet your needs!"

Isla promised Sheryl, putting her hand on her chest.

"For real? Like, anything?" Sheryl teased Isla while smiling.

Suddenly, Isla felt like she shouldn't have made the promise. As she looked at Sheryl, her heart tightened, and she sai

What would people think of you if you never come to visit me? They will think I dumped you. That will be pretty humiliating for you, won't it, President Ye?"

Mocking Holley, Jason put his hand on her shoulder. Holley got annoyed and shook off his hand. Furrowing her brows, Holley took a step back, pointed her fingers at him, and said, "Jason, let me remind you, we are a fake couple. Who do you think you are, my real boyfriend?"

Feeling Holley's anger, Jason smiled coldly and answered back, "And, who do you think you are? As far as I know, you are far from being a decent woman. Don't pretend you're so classy in front of me. I am not buying that!"

What Jason said made Holley sick.

"I already brought you lunch. Enjoy your meal!"

Turning around, Holley left.

Behind her, Jason yelled, "Holley! I want pork ribs tomorrow!"

"You...!" Trying hard, Holley suppressed her anger. But what Jason had just said made her anger grow stronger.

"Be careful. We're at the hospital. People are watching us."

Oozing with confidence, Jason knew that Holley wouldn't dare lash out in public. He laid back on his bed and looked at Holley condescendingly.

"There's no need for reminding me. And, don't push me too far, Jason. A desperate dog will leap over a wall, you know?!"

Grinding her teeth, she glared at Jason. She would have killed Jason numerous times if it had been legal to murder people.

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