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   Chapter 1725 Why Did She Lie

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Soon, Sheryl and the kids arrived at the kindergarten.

Charles was parked right next to the curb, so as soon as Sheryl's car pulled over, he saw them right away. Sheryl, however, didn't notice him because she was too preoccupied with the kids.

Sheryl's hands were full with one kid in each hand. They all headed towards the entrance of the school, which Charles had a pretty good view of.

He couldn't believe his eyes. His mouth was agape in disbelief.

Shirley wasn't missing. Melissa was right! Sheryl had just made up that story.

Charles couldn't get Melissa's words out of his head, even though he didn't want to believe that Sheryl was as bad as Melissa was saying.

Charles couldn't help but feel disappointed at Sheryl. He didn't know that Sheryl had turned into this kind of person, who'd do anything just to get what she wanted, even if that meant lying to people.

She was the one who asked for the divorce, but she also tried to make up stories about Leila. Why would she do that just to shame the woman who was also in love with Charles? 'Is she still the woman that I know and love?

Where's the innocent Sheryl that I've always known to be honest and independent?' Charles wondered.

Charles racked his brain on why he'd chosen to believe Sheryl before, even though she turned out to be lying.

Whose fault was it? What had happened to them?

Sheryl looked beautiful as usual, but to Charles, it didn't seem that way. He felt a twinge of pain in his chest as he watched her. He realized how stupid he was for falling for Sheryl when she'd just been making a fool out of him all this time.

Furious now, it took Charles everything not get out of his car and confront Sheryl in front of the kids. He was reasonable enough not to. He remained in his car instead.

Charles glared at Sheryl, who had her back to him. He was upset, angry, and miserable. He knew that the longer he stayed there, the more he wouldn't be able to control his temper. He slammed his foot on the gas and sped off.

The car roared as it drove off. It caught the attention of some of the

ted. He headed to his room right after he spoke.

Melissa could tell how tired Charles was. She just couldn't help but worry about him. She sighed as she watched him walk off. After he'd gone into his room, Melissa talked to Leila.

"Leila, where do you think Charles was last night?" Melissa asked, feeling puzzled.

Leila had no clue either. She pursed her lips and shook her head. "Aunt Melissa, I don't know either. But I can tell Charles must have had a terrible night," Leila responded.

They exchanged glances and immediately fell silent. As they looked at Charles' room and its closed door, they both felt helpless.

At Cloud Advertising Company

When Sheryl arrived at the office, she saw Aron saying goodbye to Isla. Wearing a sweet smile, Isla waved goodbye to him. They were indeed in love. Sheryl couldn't help but smile as she watched them.

"Sher, good morning! How are the kids? Are they all right?"

Isla asked as soon as she saw Sheryl. She strode to Sheryl and took her arm, ready to go to work with her.

Sheryl nodded and responded, "The kids are fine. What happened didn't bother them too much. After all, they're just kids. You know, a good night's sleep can erase everything."

"That's good. How about this? Let's go shopping and skip work today?" Isla suggested as she expectantly looked at Sheryl. She was shaking her arm as if to urge her to say yes.

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