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   Chapter 1724 Forgetting Everything Unhappy.

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Melissa took out her phone with haste, even before Leila could react. Leila watched Melissa as she hurriedly dialed a number on her phone. She had no idea whom Melissa was calling. However, she believed that this call would resolve Melissa's confusion.

As soon as the call connected, Melissa shouted out in anger, "Sheryl, is Charles there in your apartment?"

As soon as Leila heard Melissa speak to Sheryl over the phone, she could put her speculating mind to rest. It was Sheryl that Melissa had contacted. A strong sense of disappointment crept into Leila's mind, and it flashed on her face immediately. 'How could she call Sheryl at this crucial moment? It was as if only Sheryl could find Charles!' Leila thought angrily as she bit her lips in a mark of hatred, which reflected in her eyes.

At Sheryl's apartment. Sheryl had just closed her eyes, trying to sleep when her phone rang. She picked up the phone and was startled to see the name that glowed on the mobile screen.

'It's Melissa.

Why is she calling me at midnight?

Is Charles alright?'

Sheryl got really worked up. The first thing that came to her mind was a concern for Charles' well-being. She shuddered at the thought of any possible harm that could have befallen him once again. Without any further hesitation, Sheryl answered the call.

As soon as she pressed the answer button, Melissa's harsh voice hit her ears. It was clear from Melissa's first sentence that Charles had not reached home yet.

Sheryl knew how much she cared about Charles, but also she knew that it would be pointless showing it in front of Melissa. She was well aware of Melissa's approach towards her. All that Melissa wanted was to break all ties with Sheryl by getting her to divorce her son.

"Mom, it has been a very long time since I have seen Charles. You know that," Sheryl replied in a calm voice.

"Don't play with me. Sheryl, I am warning you. If something has happened to my son, you will have to pay for it." Melissa couldn't control her emotions. She just wanted to take it all out on Sheryl.

"Charles is not here in my apartment. I have no idea of his whereabouts nowadays. If there's nothing else, I'm hanging up," Sheryl said with determination and hung up before Melissa could

l said to Alex in a friendly way.

"Okay, I got it,"

Alex replied as she nodded to Sheryl. Then she continued to pack the school bags for Clark and Shirley.

"Behave yourself well today, okay?"

Sheryl said as she walked towards the car with her two children.

"Mom, don't worry. We'll be good in kindergarten. We are good students. Didn't you see our teacher's praise for us?" Shirley said with a big smile.

At the same time, Shirley showed Sheryl the reward she had received.

Waiting for the red traffic light, Sheryl turned and caught a glimpse of Shirley. Then she nodded and said in surprise, "Wow, excellent. You two are so brilliant!"

"Yes! Mom, don't worry. I'll take care of Shirley," Clark said in an indifferent tone.

Sheryl could gauge his unhappiness from his tone. She also knew that he was feeling guilty about what happened the day before. The boy had not smiled ever since he got up this morning.

"Good. I believe you can take good care of Shirley. But, Clark, can you promise me one thing?" Sheryl looked at Clark in the rear view mirror.

Clark, who had lowered his head, lifted his head at once and waited for Sheryl's words.

"Clark, please, promise me that you will forget all unhappy things?"

Sheryl's words were expressive, and she believed that Clark would understand her.

Clark kept staring at Sheryl without immediately answering her. He hesitated for a while and then finally nodded.

"You're so brilliant!" Sheryl's face broke into a smile.

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