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   Chapter 1723 Aron’s Opinion On Sheryl’s Decision

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Waiting downstairs, Aron started to run out of patience. Isla still hadn't come back. He couldn't help but grow more and more concerned. Finally, as he decided to go and find her, Isla hastily came down to him.

Aron relaxed the second he saw Isla. Surprised, he asked, "What happened in there?"

"Nothing, don't worry about that. Listen, Sheryl's kids are so naughty! Sheryl almost lost her temper. How can I know if they're telling the truth? You know what kids at their age are like!" Isla said as she walked with Aron toward the car. Aron unlocked the car door for Isla and carefully helped her get in. When Isla had settled in, Aron started the engine and drove away.

Aron didn't fully understand what Isla was trying to prove. Still, he tried his best to talk to her. "Sheryl's kids are really smart. Maybe too smart for their age, don't you think?"

"Definitely. They're way too smart for their age. Have you ever seen someone younger behave like that? They had planned to get Sheryl and Charles back together, right under our noses, and we didn't even notice it!"

While Isla was happy for Sheryl and her smart kids, she still worried about her. Smart kids tended to be sensitive, so Sheryl needed to work extra hard to protect her kids and make sure that they would be fine, and give them the best life she could.

"Well, you should stop worrying about Sheryl, okay? She can handle herself." Aron grabbed Isla's hand to comfort her.

Isla immediately lit up at Aron's touch. She lifted her head and flashed him a smile. She could feel his love and care at this moment. She nodded her head and agreed to not worry about it anymore.

Now that Isla was feeling better, Aron asked her to tell him the whole story again. After Isla had finished, he finally understood why she was concerned. He thought hard, too—he was an optimistic man, who always found a way to look at the bright side.

He knew how difficult life could get. However, he believed that as long as two people loved each other and trusted one another, they could get through anything. He didn't think divorce was the right choice for Sheryl and Charles. He was strongly against it as he believed that they could still fix it. After all, they had two kids together.

Aron suddenly said to Isla, "Can you help me in convincing them not to go through with the divorce? I really don't think they should do it."

Isla was just getting ready to

ll, Melissa was right.

"Auntie, don't worry about it too much. Charles will be all right!" Leila inched closer to Melissa and held her hand to comfort her.

"No, I have to make sure that my son's fine. I can't just wait like this, sitting around and doing nothing. Leila, can you please call David and ask him to connect me to Charles?" Melissa held Leila's hand tightly as she asked. Her expectant eyes made Leila unable to refuse her request.

Helpless, Leila nodded her head. She smiled at Melissa as she fumbled in her handbag to look for her phone.

Leila didn't really get along with David. It was already so late at night that Leila wasn't sure if David would even pick up her call at all. Melissa was asking a very difficult favor from her.

Leila and Melissa sank into silence, as the phone kept ringing. David wasn't picking up.

Running out of patience, Melissa asked anxiously, "Leila, why isn't David answering your call?"

"Well, I don't know. Maybe it's just late, and he's already asleep!" Leila replied. She sounded like she was just making up a lame excuse. In the end, she decided to end the call since David wasn't picking up anyway.

It didn't help with how worried Melissa was getting that Leila wasn't able to reach David. She got to her feet and started to pace back and forth in the room. She murmured, "What should we do now? Where could Charles be? If something really bad happened to him, I couldn't imagine…"

Leila, meanwhile, was still calm. She didn't know why Melissa was getting so worried. Everything seemed fine to her. Melissa was just overthinking all of this.

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