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   Chapter 1721 Sheryl's Anger

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Charles chose not to drive away. He couldn't leave without achieving anything. So he sat in his car and thought about what happened in the Dream Garden. He tried his best to come up with a solution.

The moment that Charles decided to drive to the kindergarten, Isla showed up at the Cloud Advertising Company.

Charles seized this chance. He immediately got out of his car and ran to Isla.

In fact, Isla had just come back from kindergarten. She had been looking for Shirley in every corner of the school, but she found nothing. She thought that she might ask someone to help her investigate, so she had returned to the company. She hadn't expected to see Charles at all.

"What are you doing here?"

"Is Sher in the office?" Charles asked Isla anxiously, ignoring her question.

"How am I supposed to know her whereabouts? She is your wife." Isla was annoyed with Charles so she rolled her eyes at him.

"I'm not joking, Isla. Shirley is gone. She's missing. Don't you know about that?"

Charles held Isla's arm as he felt so nervous and worried. He knew why Isla was giving him the cold shoulder. But he didn't have time to care about that. To find Shirley was the most important thing to him.

Meanwhile, Isla hadn't known that Charles already knew that Shirley was missing too. He was Shirley's father, so he had the right to know. However, as long as Isla thought about what Charles and his mother did to Sheryl, Isla couldn't help but be mad at him. She really couldn't calm herself down and talk to him.

"Why the hell would I know about that?"

Isla couldn't help but get more annoyed. She was getting impatient as time went by.

At that moment, Charles realized that he wouldn't get any answers from Isla. So he was left with no choice but to give up. He turned around and headed to his car, wanting to leave.

"Why are you in such a hurry? Is Leila waiting for you at the Dream Garden? You can't wait to see her, right?" Isla sneered at Charles.

Charles, as it turned out, was

is everyone lying to me?'

Sheryl asked herself and couldn't help but shake her head. She didn't understand why all of these bad things would happen to her. What had she done wrong?

"Tell me why!" Sheryl asked Clark and Shirley with tears in her eyes.

Sheryl walked to the children and started to swat their butts before they could answer her question and explain their side.

She was so angry that she hit them very hard. She didn't care that she was hurting them right now.

Clark and Shirley had never been treated like this before. They got very scared. Shirley was crying out loud.

Shirley was always a good girl, and she behaved well. This was the first time that she was being hit by her mother. Her mother, in Shirley's eyes, had turned into a completely different person now, and it scared the shit out of her. She was crying very hard. Shirley wasn't doing well. Her face had turned red because she was crying so hard that she couldn't even catch her breath.

Clark remained silent. He bit his lips as he was trying his best to hold back his tears. He was stronger than his little sister.

"Ms. Xia, stop beating them. You're hurting them," Alex persuaded Sheryl. She tried her best to stop her.

Sheryl listened to Alex and stopped. She felt sorry for her children and instantly regretted what she had done.

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