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   Chapter 1720 Be At Ease

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Sheryl was in despair. Charles noticed this, but he couldn't bring himself to say something. He felt a little threatened and worried as he rarely saw Sheryl like this.

By now, Leila was also scowling like Sheryl was. She'd figured Charles would have noticed the efforts she'd put into pleasing him. To her dismay, things didn't happen as she expected. Charles didn't treat her any differently; instead, he still suspected her. She didn't know what to think of Charles because he was acting like a cold-blooded animal right now.

"Charles, it wasn't me! You have to believe me! How could I do something like that?" Leila denied. She gave Charles a look as if to try and dispel his suspicion.

"Enough! I'm not an idiot! I've had enough of this! You've never trusted me!" Sheryl shouted angrily at Charles.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. She was now letting out all the distress and pain that had been bottled up in her heart.

Charles could feel Sheryl's pain. He tried to reach out his hand to wipe her tears away, but his hand was just shoved aside.

"Sher, I trust you. Of course, I trust you!" Charles tried to reason with Sheryl.

As he spoke, his hand was still reaching out for Sheryl. Sheryl only kept staring back at him. As Charles was about to caress Sheryl's face, she avoided his touch and slapped his hand away. She wiped her tears away with the back of her hand and yelled, "I don't care if you trust me or not! I just want Shirley back. If she doesn't come back, you're all paying for it."

Sheryl was at a loss—she didn't know what she was going to do as no one trusted her, not even her husband. She felt she was going crazy, especially if she continued to stay in this room any longer.

Without missing a beat, Sheryl turned and rushed out of the room, ready to leave Dream Garden.

Upon seeing this, Charles felt anxious. He attempted to follow Sheryl, but he felt a grip on his arm from behind. It was Melissa. She acted fast as she knew she couldn't let Charles follow Sheryl.

"Charles, why are you being so stupid? If Shirley really is missing, then why would she waste tim

everal times, but Leila wasn't answering her.

Melissa was thirsty and wanted Leila to bring her some water. So she turned to look at Leila and noticed Leila was deep in thought.

"I'm fine. Aunt Melissa, what were you saying?" Leila said with a smile. Melissa's voice snapped her out of her daze.

"Could you bring me some water?" Melissa asked weakly. She looked at Leila expectantly.

"Okay, Aunt Melissa. Just wait here, and I'll be right back!"

Leila said. She didn't leave until she had helped Melissa lie down.

Charles was driving his car at a great speed. He was phoning Sheryl all the while, yet she wasn't answering. He figured that Sheryl must have turned her phone off. He decided to go to her office, as he didn't know where she was. He could only hope that she would be there.

Soon, he arrived at Cloud Advertising Company. Wasting no time, he parked his car and rushed out to the gate. However, before he was able to enter, he was suddenly blocked by security.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Lu. Mrs. Xia has ordered that no one from the Lu Family may enter!" the security guard said helplessly.

This angered Charles. When he raised his head to look at the security, he saw the dilemma in the man's eyes.

Charles didn't want to give the security guard a hard time as he knew that the man was only doing his job. All Charles could do was sigh and shake his head as he turned and left.

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