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   Chapter 1719 Are You Involved

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As Sheryl spoke with Leila, she stared at her with furious eyes. The fire in her gaze was enough to burn Leila alive.

Leila had never seen Sheryl so mad before, so she stood aghast for a moment.

"What are you trying to imply?" Leila asked, heaving a deep sigh to gather her composure.

"Last time, you took Shirley away and kidnapped her! Now, tell me! What did you do to my daughter this time? Where did you take her? How can you do that to my little girl?" Unable to contain her anger any further, Sheryl screamed and glared at Leila, her red eyes burning.

Seeing how aggressive Sheryl was being, Melissa felt completely annoyed. Stepping forward to protect Leila, Melissa ended up confronting Sheryl instead. "Sheryl, do you still think that you are the lady of Dream Garden? How dare you barge in here and make a fuss?"

As a matter of fact, Leila had felt intimidated when Sheryl had confronted her with her previous crimes. Thanks to Melissa, who saved her from exposing herself, Leila felt relieved.

If not for Melissa's help, Sheryl would have continued attacking her with those old stories.

Leila thought that she had been cautious enough when she had kidnapped Shirley. Even if Sheryl got enough evidence to pin her down, she would be able to get away with it as long as she kept denying it. Sheryl couldn't declare her guilt based on mere suspicion.

Leila decided that she would have to be more careful later on. She reminded herself that she shouldn't leave any clues that other people might find, or else her previous efforts would be in vain.

"Melissa, I know you don't like me, and you have every right to do so. But you shouldn't ignore your own granddaughter's life just to get back at me!" Sheryl wailed painfully, begging Melissa to see past her annoyance with Sheryl.

No matter how much Melissa hated her, she was also a mother. She shouldn't have been so heartless to ignore Shirley's safety just to favor Leila.

Truth be told, Melissa's reaction shocked Sheryl greatly and hurt her feelings.

She couldn't believe that an outsider like Leila was even more important to her mother-in-law than her own granddaughter.

"Enough, Sheryl! Do you really think that I'll believe you? You can't trick me! I'm not stupid! I know that you didn't like it that I went to your company yesterday and confronted you. So you're here today to cause me trouble, aren't you?" Melissa questioned Sheryl sharply, not believing a sin

ng any attention to Melissa at all, he stared at Sheryl intently, waiting for a response.

Sheryl sighed heavily. Before she could say a word, Melissa interrupted her. She told Charles the whole story proactively but also pointed out on purpose that Shirley wasn't lost, and that the whole story was Sheryl's prank.

"Charles, it's just a lie that Sheryl made up! She's doing this on purpose to cause us trouble!" Melissa claimed.

After hearing Melissa's words, Charles knitted his eyebrows and stared at her silently. His eyes were warning her that she had said enough.

Melissa buttoned her lips, as if on cue.

"Are you sure that Shirley is missing?" Charles asked Sheryl in disbelief. Melissa's accusations distracted him earlier, so he had been unable to realize how serious the incident could be from the very beginning. After he came back to himself, he couldn't help getting worried.

"Do you really think that I would make a joke of Shirley's life?" Sheryl asked in rage. She was so angry. She could feel her body trembling.

Charles' question broke her heart. Sheryl couldn't believe that Charles would ever think that she would lie about their own daughter's life. She started to question if she knew him at all.

Sheryl didn't know how the heck she fell in love with Charles, a heartless and relentless man. He had already put her and the kids aside. Maybe the only woman in his heart now was Leila. 'Maybe he thinks that I'm a troublemaker now, right?' Sheryl thought.

"Leila, do you have anything to do with this?" Charles asked Leila, as after noticing Sheryl's resolute look, he felt a little embarrassed.

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