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   Chapter 1718 The Questioning

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"Phoebe, I have to go. Can you put these away?"

"Okay, don't worry. I'll take care of it." Phoebe knew Sheryl was very concerned about Clark and Shirley, so she asked her to go quickly.

Sheryl said no more and left.

Soon, she arrived at the kindergarten. Most children had already gone home. Catching her breath, Sheryl walked towards the teacher and said, "Sorry, I'm late."

"Mrs. Lu, haven't you taken your children yet?" The teacher had initially been talking with someone. She was shocked when Sheryl approached her.

"I, I just arrived." Looking at the teacher, Sheryl noticed sweat appearing on her forehead. Suddenly, she realized what the teacher meant. Sheryl felt cold as fear crept over her.

"Mom!" Clark called to Sheryl as he appeared at the gate, looking pale and frightened.

Sheryl ran towards him at once. She squinted at him, making sure he was okay. Feeling relieved, she asked, "Clark, where did you go just now? You scared me! Where is your sister?"

Sheryl looked around, but didn't find Shirley. She began to feel anxious.

Hearing his mother ask about Shirley, Charles burst into tears.

"Shirley, Shirley disappeared. I can't find her anywhere," Clark explained while crying.

Shocked, Sheryl stood frozen in place.

She stared at Clark blankly, hearing his cries. She couldn't believe it.

'Did Shirley disappear? That's impossible.

How can she disappear?

No, no. It isn't true. Shirley won't just disappear, ' Sheryl thought.

"Mom, what's wrong? You're scaring me." Seeing Sheryl's face turn pale, Clark was instantly more concerned about her. He was worried that what happened would hurt his mom.

"Tell me what exactly happened," Sheryl asked, trying her best to keep calm. She didn't want Clark to panic.

"A little while ago, Shirley and I found out that you were still not here. So we agreed to go and wait for you outside. But I lost track of Shirley then." Frightened, Clark couldn't help trembling. Looking at Sheryl, his ey

, Sheryl arrived at the Dream Garden. Standing at the gate, nothing seemed to have changed since she had left. But she did not come here to enjoy the scenery, so she knocked at the gate immediately.


Nancy came to open the gate. Seeing Sheryl standing outside, she couldn't help but tremble. Blinking rapidly, Nancy asked, "Sher, why are you here?"

"Nancy, is Leila here?" Despite being anxious, Sheryl held herself together and decided not to go in directly to confront Leila.

"Yes," Nancy answered in confusion.

"Nancy, who is it?" Melissa asked Nancy impatiently, also having heard the knocking sounds earlier.

"It's Sher."

Before Nancy could finish her words, Sheryl rushed in. She caught a glimpse of Melissa but ignored her completely. Pointing her finger at Leila, she demanded, "Where is Shirley now?"

"What are you talking about?" Confused, Leila just stared back at her.

In fact, Leila was really confused. She only knew that Sheryl had barged in and now started questioning her about Shirley. But how would she know where Sheryl's daughter was now?

Leila sneered. "Sheryl, how am I supposed to know where your daughter is?"

"Don't play innocent, Leila. I'm warning you. If you don't return my daughter to me now, I won't let you go." Sheryl was pale, but her words were powerful.

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