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   Chapter 1715 Feeling Embarrassed

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"Leila, eat something. You have been so busy these days." Breaking the silence, Melissa passed Leila some food.

During dinner, the trio ate silently. Charles was in a bad mood, and the others wouldn't say anything to avoid annoying him any further.

Soon, Charles finished eating and then immediately went upstairs.

Wanting to follow, Leila stood up, but Melissa stopped her.

Melissa shook her head at Leila. After hearing Charles' bedroom door close, she grabbed Leila's arm and headed to the garden.

The two stood in the garden, and Melissa looked at Leila inquisitively.

The look on Melissa's face made Leila nervous. She took a deep breath and asked, "Aunt Melissa, what's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just wanted to ask you: Did something happen between the two of you later that night?" Melissa stared at Leila meaningfully.

There was knowing in Melissa's smile, and it made Leila feel more abashed. She held Melissa's arm a little bit tightly, and answered, "Aunt Melissa, your question is so embarrassing."

"Why are you so shy? It is normal for a man and a woman. Just tell me. Yes or no?!" Also feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement, Melissa grabbed Leila's hands.

Seeing that Melissa was so persistent, Leila shook her head helplessly.

"It doesn't matter. You will have chances in the future. Does Charles treat you better than before?" still insistent, Melissa continued questioning.

Sighing after a while, Leila nodded. "Aunt Melissa, I know you are nice to me, but as long as Sheryl is still a member of this family, I think it will be hard for me to get Charles' acceptance."

"Leila, don't worry. After that night, Sheryl refused to see Charles. And, I talk about the divorce with him every day. I guarantee you, it will end one of these days." Afraid that Leila would give up now, Melissa hurriedly explained.

Hearing Melissa's assurance, Leila nodded.

After the discussion, the two felt much better.

Meanwhile, someone on the second floor was unhappy. At that moment, Charles was staring at Sheryl's picture. Seeing Sheryl's bright

ially Melissa. Since she was divorcing Charles, she didn't need to care about Melissa's feelings anymore.

When her call was rejected, Melissa got angrier. She then headed to Cloud Advertising Company.

The security let Melissa come in, but Phoebe stood up to stop her.

"Mrs. Lu, what can I do for you?" Knowing what happened between Sheryl and Charles, she knew just what she had to do. Seeing Melissa arrive in a rage, Phoebe guessed that she wanted to make trouble.

Before stopping Melissa, Phoebe already asked somebody to tell Sheryl that Melissa had arrived.

Though busy with the office documents, Sheryl noticed her secretary come in. She raised her head and asked, "What's up?"

Nervously, the secretary pointed outside and said, "Ms. Xia, Mrs. Lu arrived."

"Mo... What does she want?" Almost calling Melissa 'mother', Sheryl stopped just in time. Melissa was just her mother-in-law. And, it was improper to call her 'mother' now, since she was going to divorce Charles.

"Okay, I see." Sheryl replied. Then, she stood up and walked out.

"Who the hell are you?! Why are you stopping me?!" Shouting, Melissa pointed at Phoebe arrogantly. She didn't care who Phoebe was.

"Phoebe, please, continue your work." Coming out, Sheryl heard Melissa curse Phoebe. Unhappy, Sheryl didn't say anything, for Melissa was an elder. All she could do was ask Phoebe to leave.

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