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   Chapter 1713 Changing

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As Cassie apologized and lifted her head, she was surprised to see that it was Leila.

"It's you!" they exclaimed at the same time.

After straightening her clothes, Leila looked at Cassie with pride and commented, "How unlucky!"

Cassie was in a good mood and had planned to have dinner with Nick. However, meeting Leila now, reminded her that Charles and Leila was the reason why Sheryl was withered and tired these days. When she saw Leila here, her mood changed to bad at once.

"I have no time to deal with you." Rolling her eyes, Cassie turned around to leave.

Offended, Leila strode ahead and blocked Cassie's way, her expression suggesting that Cassie shouldn't leave until she said so.

"Leila, stop it. I don't want to bother you, and neither do you." Cassie tried her best to control herself. She didn't want to give a bargaining chip to others, which might cause trouble for Sheryl. Now, with Leila provoking her, she didn't think that she could ignore her anymore.

"Do you think I can't do anything to you because you stand with Sheryl? Cassie, listen, you tell Sheryl to divorce from Charles as soon as possible. Doesn't she feel ashamed that she has lost the status of the Shining Company's CEO's wife?" Furious, Leila took on Cassie.

"Leila, if Charles loved you, he should have let the public know about it. But look, even if you stay with him, you're just his secretary. Which part of it are you proud of?" Knowing she had said enough, Cassie pushed Leila away and left the toilet.

Her comments made Leila more furious, but she also knew that Cassie was right. If she hadn't played tricks, Charles would have already driven her away.

Feeling so angry, Leila stamped her foot. Looking at Cassie's back and clenching her fists, she said to herself, "Let's wait and see. I won't let you go. All of you!"

When Cassie arrived, Nick had already ordered the dishes. He had been happy waiting, but he now felt worried when seeing her expression. Standing up, he asked, "What happened?"

"I d

king us more worried." Isla had kept her thoughts to herself these past few days, but she couldn't bear to stay quiet about it today.

"I'm really fine. You think too much. What can I do?" Sheryl said, with an innocent expression.

"You guys, I really don't know what to do." Isla let out a helpless sigh and shook her head.

"Well, come on. Eat your food. Don't be an old witch," Sheryl said in a playful tone.

"We are all worried about you, but you don't look affected," Isla commented. She then lowered her head and continued having dinner.

Isla didn't see the sorrow flashing through Sheryl's eyes. Not wanting to have her friends worry about her anymore, Sheryl tried hard to control herself. On that night, if not for her children, she would have left this city. But as a mother, she knew it was too selfish to deny her children the chance to see their father.

Soon, Nick and Cassie arrived.

The four of them enjoyed dinner together. Afterward, Nick drove Cassie to work while Isla brought Sheryl back to the Cloud Advertising Company.

Along the way, Sheryl's phone kept ringing. However, every time it rang, Sheryl just cancelled the call. Isla didn't say a word, thinking it must be from Charles. She knew that Charles had been trying to get in touch with Sheryl these past few days, but Sheryl kept ignoring his calls.

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