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   Chapter 1712 Are You Okay

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"Why do you hesitate? Are you considering rejecting my offer?" Ferry raised his brows as he questioned Holley.

"Do I have a choice?" Holley countered, frustrated, knowing that she had no choice, and she was at his mercy.

"Listen, here are your only options. Either you find out the contract price of the cooperated project between the Shining and Star Companies for me, as soon as possible, or you be a call girl!" Ferry hung up the phone as soon as he said his piece, not giving Holley any chance to reply.

Hearing the busy tone on the other end of the line, Holley almost went crazy.

In her fit of anger, she threw her phone, and it bounced on the far side of the room. Lately, it was her way to vent her anger after she talked to Ferry. Thankfully, she could always afford to buy a new one. It would really be very depressing for her if money would also be part of her problem.

Using her landline phone, she dialed Leila's number.

Shopping with Melissa, Leila was very happy for her plan had worked. However, when she saw the caller, her happy mood turned sour. She was having such a good time that she didn't want her day being ruined by someone like Holley.

"What's wrong, Leila?" Noticing the annoyed look on Leila's face, Melissa asked concernedly.

"Nothing, Aunt Melissa. It's just a friend calling me. I haven't seen her for a long time." Leila ignored the call and turned to Melissa to explain.

"Oh, okay. Check this out. Do these clothes fit me?" Melissa asked Leila instead, not worried anymore.

However, Leila was bothered by the call. Even though she didn't pick up the phone, she started to wonder what it could have been about. Thus, she could no longer focus on helping Melissa in choosing clothes. Instead, she would either mumble a few words or just nod her head when asked for her opinion.

There was also news about Holley on the internet these past few days. And that got Leila confused.

To add to her confusion was the sudden call, which she just received after not hearing from Holley for quite some time. Why would she call her now?

"Aunt Melissa, it looks perfect on you!" Smiling,


"Don't forget that you took my money!"

"Are you threatening me? Do you have any evidence? Holley, let me remind you of one important thing. I can quit anytime."

Leila was very disappointed with the fact that Holley now tried to blackmail her.

Holley's heart sunk. It had never occurred to her that Leila would kick down the ladder after she had helped her get rid of Sheryl.

With this turn of events, Holley could only blame herself for trusting the wrong person. She was the one who had decided to team up with Leila in the first place. Taking a deep breath, she explained anxiously, "Leila, that's not what I meant. Please, don't..."

"Stop! I am not the kind of person you think I am. Just wait for my call," Leila interrupted Holley, for she didn't want to listen to her anymore.

Then, Leila hung up.

It really drove Holley crazy being hung up on twice in a row. But what could she do? She couldn't mess with Ferry or Leila. She quietly sulked.

Meanwhile, Leila was very happy. She could imagine how frustrated Holley was. Leila looked at herself in the mirror and murmured, "Holley, you're just a puppet to me. How dare you threaten me?!"

Walking out of the bathroom with her heels clicking, Leila held her head up high.

Not looking carefully, Leila bumped into a woman. It was Cassie! Leila didn't expect to see Cassie here.

"Sorry, Miss. Are you okay?" Cassie apologized politely.

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