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   Chapter 1710 Ferry's Pawn Had Been Saved

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Holley was worried that Black couldn't control himself. She was freaked out and thought that he might beat Jason to death.

"Hey, Black! Stop it! Enough. You almost beat him to death!" she shouted and ran to Black. She immediately pulled him away from Jason.

However, Black already stopped. He saw Jason lying on the ground, breathing heavily. Obviously, Jason had already given up.

Holley looked at Black's face. Worries were written all over it.

Noticing Holley, Black looked back at her. He saw how terrified she was and hesitated for a while before he grabbed her hand to run away.

Holley felt her hands on him. She suddenly felt like they were back to the days when they were still together. The way he treated her came back to her mind. She would never forget everything he had done for her.

In an instant, Holley felt sad because she knew nothing would be the same. They wouldn't be able to stay together, but she would always miss him. No one would understand the pain deep in her heart.

After a while, they arrived at Holley's home.

They looked at each other as they were breathing heavily. They didn't say a word. Holley heaved a sigh and said, "Why are you here? Why did you do this? Black, you already know that we won't be able to stay together. What are you doing?"

"Do you like him?"

"Yes." She looked at Black with determination in her eyes. She hoped that he could understand the situation and walk away. It was the best for him.

"You're a liar! If you like him, then why did you keep on rejecting him?" Black looked back at Holley. His face was showing a troubled expression.

Holley was faced with his sharp expression and felt that she had been seen through. So she suddenly lowered her head.

"Tell me the truth, Holley. Are you in trouble?" Black seized the opportunity and continued asking.

It was obvious for Black that every move Holley made meant that she was still in love with him. It made

st of my life is to stay with you and grow old with you. I love you, Holley."

He pulled her body inside his arms and fell asleep too.

Meanwhile, at the Hu house

"Master! I know where the young master went. He went to Holley's and met Jason!" One of Rex's men reported to him. He was breathing heavily when he revealed what he had investigated.

"What? Tell me everything." Rex stood up and looked at the man. He was full of concern.

The man was nervous so he took a while to breathe. Then he continued, "The young master beat Jason badly. I have taken him to the hospital!"

Rex was relieved when he heard that Black was fine. He thought to himself, 'This is my son who will never burn his fingers by fighting.'

"Is he still alive?" Rex immediately asked.

He didn't want his son be a murderer.

"He's been saved, Master."

The man immediately replied. He didn't want his master to worry.

Rex thought for a while and ordered the man to monitor Holley's home. If Ferry's men showed up, he needed to protect Black.

Jason was just Ferry's pawn. But Black beat up his pawn in public. Ferry wouldn't suffer such humiliation without taking his revenge. He would definitely initiate something by using any reason he could find. When it happened, Black would be in real trouble.

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