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   Chapter 1709 Torture

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Holley knew that Rex would be cold to her because of his hatred. That was why, even though it was not Ferry, she didn't relax.

She took a deep breath and answered the phone, "Hello. What can I do for you, Mr. Hu?"

On the other end of the line, Rex shouted and cursed her as soon as she picked up the phone. He was in a rage and said, "I am warning you, Holley Ye. You're still alive because I prefer not to do anything yet. If you continue what you're doing, you'll regret it. Believe me."

"I have broken up with your son. What's the problem now?" Holley said as she pretended to be calm.

Rex clenched his fists and retorted furiously, "If it's anything about Ferry, it will be none of my business. Do anything you want! You have decided to leave Black, so don't come back again!"

"Alright. I won't bother him ever again. I'm sorry," Holley responded with a blank tone to her voice.

Rex wasn't clear about her level of sadness, but he just knew that this woman was indifferent. At this time, he was sure that this woman didn't love Black, and it was the best choice for them to have parted.

"You'd better be sure, woman. Or else, I will kill you before anyone else can." Rex instantly hung up the phone after threatening Holley.

A busy tone was the only thing that Holley heard. She couldn't help but feel depressed.

Holley realized that she had no chance to be with Black anymore. Everything between them was over.

She was fully aware of what she had done. She couldn't return this time, but she simply hoped that Ferry would let her go after their transaction.

The next day, in the house of the Hu Family

Rex woke up, and the servant immediately told him that Black had gone out early in the morning. It made him feel nervous, so he immediately went downstairs. He found his subordinate and said, "Go find him now and bring him back as soon as possible."

"Yes, My Lord. I'l

is time, Black arrived at the first floor of Holley's residence. He knocked on the door, but nobody came to open it after a long time. So he went to the basement's parking lot and wanted to try his luck; however, he saw everything. He certainly wouldn't turn a blind eye and rushed over.

"Douche bag!" With aggression, Black pushed Jason away and kicked him.

Jason was so surprised because he didn't expect that Black would be there. Before he could even react, Black punched him again.

There was nothing on Black's mind but to beat Jason to death. Jason seemed to be completely unprepared.

Holley was dumbfounded when she saw Black. She shouted, "Stop!"

"Are you feeling sad for him? Huh? Tell me!" Black turned to look at Holley's eyes. He already had blood on his face.

Holley immediately shook her head because she didn't want Black to misunderstand her.

Black saw Holley's response but still got angrier. He continued to beat Jason.

"Stop beating me, Black!" Jason crawled away to avoid Black.

The shouting made Black even more furious.

What had happened in the hotel that night was still fresh on his mind. As long as he kept on thinking of Jason hugging Holley, Black couldn't control himself. He just punched and kicked Jason crazily.

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