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   Chapter 1708 Rex Would Do Anything For Black

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Rex's servant sighed and said, "Master! The young master went out of the house when he saw what was on the news!"

"I told you to look out for him! What happened? Why didn't you stop him? Irresponsible!" Rex said in an angry voice while he scolded the servant.

The servant couldn't help but feel startled. He was at a loss and didn't know what to do. He thought for a while and rolled his eyes. "He was so determined to leave, master. I didn't have a chance to stop him. I'm sorry," the servant finally said.

"Alright. You may go now!" Rex replied with an impatient tone and waited for him to leave.

Meanwhile, the servant couldn't do anything else and left. It was only Rex who was left sitting in the living room.

He roved his eyes around the empty room and sighed. He seemed to get older with every second.

Yesterday, his men had tracked something down. Jason was definitely Ferry's man, and it was Ferry who had framed Holley. But Rex kept this information from Black, as he was hoping that Black would leave Holley. However, Rex didn't expect that the news would spread this much. And now, only God knew where Black was and what he was doing. Rex just hoped that everything would be fine.

Rex spent his whole day waiting for Black. He stayed in the living room and had nothing to eat. He even tried to call Black several times, but Black didn't answer his phone. Rex was quite freaked out. He had sent his subordinates to find Black, but they had not found him yet.

Rex was as restless as a cat on a hot pan when suddenly, Black came home drunk.

From that night on, Black went drinking every night. Every time he came back home, he was intoxicated. He would only come back home because he was the Young Master of the Hu Family.

Almost all of the clubs around already knew him. That was why they could send him home when he was already drunk.

"We're very sorry, Mr. Hu. We couldn't stop Young Master Hu from drinking," the boss of the Count Pub explained q

worried. They looked at each other and then said, "The young master had fallen asleep. He's okay now. You should get some sleep, master."

"Thank you. You may go now," Rex quickly replied but didn't leave the room.

He began to doubt his life choices when he saw how Black suffered. He had thought to give up, but he was sure that Holley was not good enough for his son. Even though Black was in a great deal of pain now, he would understand him someday.

Aside from that, Holley was still with Ferry. She would be such a bane if she should marry his son.

When Rex thought of that, he took out his phone to call Holley. He had made up his mind. He would do anything to remove that woman from his son's life.

Holley couldn't fall asleep. When she heard her phone ring, she wrapped herself tighter with the quilt as she was shaking. Sometimes it was like this. The more you didn't want something to happen, the more it would happen.

She was hoping that the quilt would cut off the sound of her phone ringing, but she could hear it even clearer.

In desperation, Holley uncovered herself, got up, and stared at her phone. A few moments later, she took the phone and checked. Then the expression on her face became terrified.

At first, she had thought that it was Ferry calling. But it turned out to be Rex.

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