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   Chapter 1707 Hit It Off

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When passersby walked by, they all looked at the couple and admired them. They said to themselves, "They've really hit it off. What a perfect match!"

"Sweetie, I got it. See you at lunchtime," Holley said, smiling but with anger in her eyes. Glancing at the man beside her, she realized him to be so good at pretending. He was so experienced that everything he did looked extremely natural.

Suddenly, Jason pulled Holley into his arms, bent down, placed his mouth near her ear, and whispered threateningly, "Holley, dear, let me remind you to cooperate me with me. If you blow it off and displease the boss, I won't take any blame for you!"

"Jason, dear, we're in the same boat. Do you really think Ferry treats you better because you're his man? He is just using you. Otherwise, he won't even allow you to show your face in public! Don't forget that you've offended the Hu family. When the time comes for Ferry to kick you out of the group, do you think the Hu family will just let go of you?" Then, an idea hit her. Inspired by her own last words to Jason, Holley thought it would be a good plan to create a wedge between Jason and Ferry's relationship. It would be nice to annoy Ferry for at least a while.

"Holley, dear, I'm not a three-year-old boy. Don't be so naive to think that you can turn me against him," Jason answered coldly. Then, he ran his fingers through her hair and pulled it a little bit harder.

The act pained her, and she couldn't help but frown.

"Be smart for once, and stop trying to play tricks on me. It definitely won't be good for you!" Jason beamed at her gently. He turned into a totally different person, again.

Holley was stunned once more by his superb acting skills.

Still deep in thought, Holley stared at Jason and remained silent. Jason took the opportunity to plant a kiss on her forehead. Then he said, "Holley, dear, it's time for you to go to work. Your employees are waiting for you. Don't be late."

And there she went, off to her work. Jason followed her wi


Rumors said that the reason why Holley had been with Black was because of his family background. But later, she was attracted to a younger and more handsome man. However, this younger man was not as rich as Black. They were now waiting to see her suffer.

The worst rumor there was mentioned Black as a major shareholder of this company. Since Holley dumped him for another man, would there be a new boss to replace her?

Hiding inside her office, Holley watched those women gossiping. She tried to suppress her anger. But the time came that she couldn't handle it anymore. She kicked the door open.

"Miss, Miss Ye?" Shocked, the woman standing beside the door stood still, shaking.

While glaring at the women, Holley pointed at them. "All of you are fired! Now, get out of here!"

After firing those women, Holley immediately went back to her office. Three women were fired. The atmosphere suddenly became depressing. No one dared to say one more word against Holley because no one wanted to be fired.

At the Hu house

Rex had just arrived home. The maid told him that Black had left the house. He sighed helplessly. "Did he see today's news?"

The maid looked up and slightly nodded her head.

"What was his reaction?" Rex asked with knitted eyebrows. He held his forehead with his hand. Suddenly, Rex felt his head ache.

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