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   Chapter 1706 New Boyfriend

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However, the man quickly extended his arm to block her. "We spent an amazing night together. Have you already forgotten? What do you think I'm here for?"

"What on earth do you want?" Holley asked, feeling irritated. She wanted to beat him to death.

"Did the boss not tell you what I want?" The man gazed at Holley's body, and his eyes were filled with lust.

"Go away!" Noticing how his eyes were glued to her breasts, Holley soon became enraged.

Suddenly, the man pushed her into the room and closed the door, pressing his body against hers. Holley had no choice but to take a few steps back, but soon she felt the wall behind her.

At that moment, fear started to creep into Holley. The man looked horny. Moreover, there was no way that she could compete with him in terms of strength. If he really wanted to force her to have sex, there was no chance that she could resist.

"Jason, stop it! You're in my house! I'll sue you for trespassing!" Holley glanced at him coldly.

A few moments ago, Holley got a call from Ferry and was informed that he was one of Ferry's personal guards. As compared to Black, he was a nobody.

"Wow, you even know my name," Jason said, sounding pleased. "It's evident that you missed me!" Not even caring about Holley's cold attitude towards him, Jason drew closer to her.

Turning her head away to avoid his gaze, Holley grumbled impatiently, "Enough of it! We're only acting. Don't cross the line!"

Holley glared at Jason. Evidently, she didn't think that he could match up with her.

Without a doubt, Jason understood what she meant. Dragging her by the arm, he jeered, "Do you still think that your body is only reserved to please the boss? I've already had you. Do you think my boss will still want you?"

That outright humiliation was something that Holley had never wanted to be reminded of. She knew that Jason was right. Looking at the way Ferry treated her, it was obvious that he didn't even have a t

eyes at Jason then turned to look out the window.

However, as soon as she lowered the window at her side, a reporter holding a camera appeared and started taking photos. In the past, Holley never had a clear idea of how those kinds of reporters were capable of taking such shots, but now she knew.

Lowering the windows on both sides to the fullest, Jason allowed the reporters to shoot all they wanted.

Making sure that they looked more like a couple, Jason even held Holley's hand the entire time, as if they were really close to each other.

Holley turned to stare at Jason.

"Just to make it to breaking news!" Jason put on a smug smile.

Holley winced again. 'Well, if this is what Ferry wants, I can't go against his will, ' she thought dolefully.

During the journey, the reporters had shot countless photos of them—more than enough for tomorrow's headlines. 'This time, ' Holley thought, 'Black will totally give up on me!'

Jason intentionally drove at low-speed today. The usual half-an-hour drive took them over an hour. When they finally arrived at the company, Jason even opened the door for Holley, acting like the caring boyfriend that he was supposed to be.

"Sweetheart, clear your schedule at noon. Let's have lunch together," Jason said, feigning some love on his face.

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