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   Chapter 1705 What Were You Doing Here

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Holley clenched her fists angrily. If Ferry was in front of her, she wouldn't have given a second thought before slapping him. She would have lost her self-control if she had confronted him.

"Haven't you already decided to leave Black? I am doing you a favor. Would you give me some credit for it?" Ferry burst into laughter.

"Should I be grateful to you?" Holley lowered her voice as she asked in anger.

"Holley, are you questioning me?" The smile on Ferry's face was gone. Now he was starting to get pissed off.

Detecting the anger in Ferry's voice, Holley realized that she had made a huge mistake. She regretted losing her temper.

"I… No, I am not!" Holley denied immediately. Then she remained silent, not daring to utter another word while waiting for Ferry's instruction.

Ferry was glad that Holley was afraid of him. Leaning on the table, he smiled before he opened his mouth and said, "I know you wouldn't dare to do such a thing."

"Why are you calling me?" Holley got straight to the point since she wanted to wrap this up as soon as possible. She detested talking to Ferry.

"Just wanted to give you a heads-up. Aren't you thinking about breaking Black's heart? Then you should often see that man you were with yesterday. I am sure Black will lose his faith in you completely, do you understand?"

Ferry had no intention of letting Holley go so easily. It was just a matter of days before she would be dead. Until then, he wished to torture her.

"Should I do that? Actually I have a different plan," Holley said, somehow gathering her courage. But she tried to keep her voice low since she didn't want to awaken his anger.

"Sure, do whatever you want!"

Ferry answered without any hesitation, as if he genuinely agreed with Holley.

Holley was surprised. But then something occurred to her. She rolled her eyes and said, shaking her head, "I am just kidding. I will follow your plan!"

"Well, I am kidding too. You can't have thought that I would let you do as you please!" After saying this, Ferry sneered.

Holley was desperate to use the tit-for-tat strategy. But she knew clearly what Ferry was capable of and she, as a little wom

Come and have something. This can't be good for your health!"

There was something extremely persuasive about Rex's voice.

"I told you I am not hungry!" Black retorted back, paying no heed to his father's words. His yell annoyed Rex who was now starting to lose his patience.

Somehow, he controlled himself from showing his anger. He reminded himself that his son was having a hard time. Anything Rex said could get on Black's nerve.

"Fine. When you feel like eating something, just inform Alex," Rex said, managing to keep his temper in check.

Now Black didn't respond to Rex this time. Feeling defeated, Rex turned around and left.

Before leaving for the company, Rex reminded Alex to keep an eye on Black.

In Holley's house, she was tossing and turning in her bed.

As soon as Ferry had hung up on her, she had made an attempt to sleep. But her mind wouldn't let her sleep.

At this moment, her doorbell rang. She thought it would be Black. A feeling of awkwardness came across her face. She hesitated for a while and walked to the door.

After taking a deep breath, she opened the door. She had already planned how she would ask him to leave. But when she opened the door, Black wasn't the one waiting for her. The man standing on her doorstep was the man whom Holley wanted to beat to death. He was the reason why she couldn't sleep.

"What are you doing here?" Holley glared at him and was about to slam the door shut.

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