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   Chapter 1703 You Deserve A Better Man

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7551

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Rex, who was on the second floor, heard the noise from downstairs. He called the servant immediately.

"My Lord, what can I do for you?"

Had it not been for Black who was up and about, even at the wee hours, the servant might have fallen asleep by now. Hence, she was feeling sleepy. However, she answered the phone as soon as she heard it ringing.

"Did Black just go out?" Rex asked with concern. Black was drunk, and Rex was worried that if he went out in this condition, he might run into some trouble.

"Yes, My Lord. Young Master has just stepped out of the house. Should I tell the driver to follow him?" Even the servant was aware that Black was going to drive the car in a drunken state. Naturally, it was a cause of great concern for Rex.

"Tell the driver to get ready and wait for me on the first floor," Rex commanded before he hung up the phone.

Soon after, he was at the gate of their house. He knew that Black had left the house at this time of the night just because of Holley. Rex wanted to see what the hell that woman was doing.

Every car of the Hu Family had GPS installed in them. Hence it was not difficult for Rex to quickly track down the car. Black's car stopped in Holley's neighborhood, which confirmed Rex's assumption. He frowned, feeling helpless. He could not do much, other than being disappointed at his son.

However, much to his surprise, Black headed into a nearby hotel instead of Holley's residence. This left Rex feeling perplexed. He asked the driver to park the car and entered the hotel.

The person who had sent the message to Black had told him the room number. Hence Black headed straightaway towards the fifth floor without even asking the receptionist.

In the room number 506, when Holley had sent a message to Ferry, she got a reply that said, "Leave the door open." Hence, she had obediently kept the door open all the time. In a short while, she saw a man coming in. Initially, she thought it was Ferry, but as she watched carefully, she found him to be a complete stranger.

"Who are you? Get out of here!" Holley thought someone had mistakenly gone into the wrong room. She glared at him and tried to drive him away.

However, this man curved his lips, and a playful smile flashed on

dn't believe that something had happened between Holley and this man.

"Why? Do you ask me? Don't you feel ashamed? I have never liked you from the very beginning. I dated you only because you are the son of the Hu Family. Do you really think that I am in a relationship with you because I love you?" Holley looked at Black scornfully, without any affection in her eyes.

"Honey, this is Rex Hu's son, just a loser. I have pretended in front of him for a long time, but now, I am tired of it." Holley suddenly started to speak to the man standing next to her and put her head on his shoulder.

Their comfort with each other and apparent intimacy confirmed their deep love. But it was hurtful to Black's eyes.

"Really? Sweetheart, you have suffered so much. I bet you deserve a better man. But you have me now and don't need to pretend anymore with anyone else. I will make you live a better life with me than Black." After speaking, the man glanced at Black with disdain and kissed Holley's forehead purposefully.

"Hmm, I know you are better than him. That is why I chose you." She smiled at the man, like a little woman, and then turned to Black, sighing. "Black, we have been dating for a long time now, and I don't want to hide it from you anymore. Just go now. It will harm everyone if you keep bothering me."

Holley said in a serious yet nonchalant tone to prove the point that Black's pursuit was a tiring bore to her. Her face and her body language thoroughly confirmed her annoyance.

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