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   Chapter 1702 Holley Begs

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Typical of the self-centered girl that Holley was, she had only learned to take advantage of others. She would never even have bothered if someone was dying right in front of her eyes. However, much to her own surprise, she now found herself behaving so drastically opposite, and that for a man! So much so that she was even ready to give up her life for him!

Ferry marked the weakness of her mind by reading her facial expression.

Indeed, it seemed that Black held a special place in her life. This was evident from the bitter expression on her face. She was a woman of dignity and pride. She would never beg anyone for anything. But now, she went down to her knees and begged Ferry to pardon Black. Wasn't that enough to confirm Ferry's assumption?

After giving it a moment's thought, Ferry's eyes lit up as an idea came to his mind. Yes! This was the opportunity that he had been waiting for. The memories of pain, humiliation, and suffering that he had undergone were still alive in his heart like it just happened the day before. Now, it was time to make Holley have a taste of his suffering. 'Maybe it's time to destroy her!' he thought as an evil grin crept to his lips.

Ferry cleared his mind before he rested his fingers on Holley's cheeks. He ran them across her face and then pinched her chin at last. He asked with a snort, "How do you feel? Hurt?"

"Please, let him go!" Holley pleaded with an imploring look. She didn't resist his rude grip on her even though she felt uncomfortable; instead, she just furrowed her eyebrows as she looked into Ferry's eyes.

Ferry did not utter a single word. His eyes were full of arrogance. To gain more pleasure out of the situation, he tried to make Holley moan in distress. So he pinched her chin harder. Yet, she did not cry out. She just wrinkled her brows more.

"Good! It's not easy for you to beg. Today, since you swallowed your pride to beg in front of me, I should be less tough with you!" Ferry's mood livened up after enjoying the torture he had inflicted on Holley.

"Really?" Holley was surprised to hear this.

Ferry's attitude had changed so abruptly, that she could not help wondering at how this man's brain worked. 'Did he really mean what he had said? So easy?' Holley hadn't expected that Ferry would agree to her so soon.

"Want me to be tough? Well, I am regretting…" Ferry's face suddenly changed again, and a trace of irritation crossed his eyes.

"No, please! I beg you to let go of Black! Truly I do!" Holley apologized at once.

"Well, but I have one condition! You have to book a room near your house for us. If you can serve me well tonight, I will do as you asked!" Ferry smirked before he turned and left.

Holley stared back with a confused look until Ferry's figure disappeared from her sight. She started to regret having made a strange alliance with Ferry. He was so cunning and unreliable. She felt that she had now lost her self-restraint and been placed completely under his control. Still, she didn't dare to disobey such a despot. She quickly stood up and rushed out to do what Ferry had asked.

After booking a room, Holley immediately sent the information to Ferry without any further delay.

As the dark shadow of the night chased the dusk, the sun withdrew the last trace of its warmth from the air. Everything outside began to quiet do

nce Black was born.

'What is going on with this bastard?' Rex asked to himself.

"Dad, are you relieved now?" Black suddenly changed his sad expression and asked with a mild look.

Rex sank into confusion. He had no idea what Black was talking about. Clueless, he kept his gaze fixed on Black blinking.

"Dad, I don't deserve to be your son," Black continued his weird speech. Finishing his words, he collapsed onto the ground and started to sob. He dropped his head and buried it in his hands. He started to weep loudly and painfully.

Rex was shocked to see Black in such a state. He quickly approached his son and then crouched down in front of Black. With a softened sigh, he comforted Black and pulled him into his arms. That was what Rex had always done when Black was a young boy. Sometime later, Black calmed down and ceased to cry.

"Dad, I am sorry. I just can't help it! I am not as childish as you think…I am fine. You should get some rest!" Black forced a smile and refused to say more.

Black had said those words to provoke Rex on purpose. He felt so distressed by containing the unpleasant feeling inside his heart that he needed to vent it out. He made Rex angry so that Rex could abuse him to tears with some irritating words. As Black's father, Rex finally realized it. Rex sank into silence and patted Black's back before he went upstairs.

Watching Rex go upstairs, Black staggered a few steps and slumped down on the sofa. Before he was ready to continue his drinking, he noticed his phone vibrating. He fumbled in his pocket and took out his phone. The screen indicated an anonymous message.

He immediately unlocked the screen and looked at the message. His first reaction was that it might be some spam message. Still, he took a glance at the content. In less than a minute, his face had changed visibly, and his pupils became exorbitantly dilated.

"Mr. Black, is Holley your girlfriend? I heard she is on a date with someone in a hotel. Do you want to have a look? I am glad to tell you the exact place where she will be headed!"

Every word was like a sharp-edged blade to his eyes. Anger replaced the tipsy feeling. Without hesitation, he jumped to his feet and rushed out of his house.

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